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Jailhouse Dreams

Part 1: It's All About the Cookies

See, I used to work for these guys, these bears who live in the woods!  They own a cookie factory and would sit around all day long talking about how much they love cookies.  They had all the ingredients you needed to make cookies with; milk, eggs, butter, sugar, flower, even chocolate chips!  Whatever you need to make cookies with, they got it.  Yet, every single time they would get ready to make the cookies, every single one of them would go hide one of the ingredients.  So, they never got the cookies.  They just got rotten eggs and spoiled milk!  The kicker?  They wanted me to go find the ingredients they would hide!!!  Either that, or they wanted me to go buy more!!!

I never let them get me upset.  I just took it in stride, but one day I just had to say something.  So, I went in there to them and said, very calmly, "Look... if you want the cookies all you gotta do is stop hiding the ingredients".  That's when they fired me!

Of c…