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The Best Way To Start Your Day

The good doctor suggested I expand on Sunday Morning ablutions, referring to my last post, Huh? Wha? while mentioning the act of cleaning my ears with a Q-tip.   I must decline to do so because it is not my aim to make things gross.  That's gross enough, isn't it?

Street life will show you just how gross some people are.  Or, it might amaze you as to how some, if not most street people actually try to keep clean.  I didn't know what an ablution was until I looked it up.  Cleaning:  It's something that street people exhaust a lot of effort doing on a daily basis.

I have referenced this many times before, but the misconception that most people have of people on the streets is that they just don't try hard enough and that's why they're on the streets.  But, the greatest amount of time on an average day is spent just trying to keep clean, and to eat.

The congregation of heretics and derelicts gathered together before morning breakfast.  With as many flavors of …
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Huh? Wha?

It all began with a broom in Boston. Feddie Spaghetti was sweeping the sidewalk as he usually does when he said, "I love my broom!  It reminds me of that guy on tv that says, 'I love my blender', ha, ha... The thing is I know how to use a broom because when I was a kid, if I didn't do it right, my Mama would tear my ass up!  God knows I love my broom.  He was teaching me... You know?  I don't know what he was teaching me, but if I didn't do it right my Mama would whip my ass"

"It must have been a foreshadowing of things to come", I said.

"Huh", Feddie responded.

"A foreshadowing... God knew one day you would be in front of this Subway.  So, he taught you how to use a broom".

"Oh, yeah, a foreshadowing... Haha"

Meanwhile, Feddie continued to sweep, as I continued with a cotton swab in my ear.  These are things you would normally do in the morning, in the comfort of your own home, but since I don't have a home, I …

Tour Of Homelessness

Tour of Homelessness

You have heard of a Tour of Homes in the real estate industry, but what about a Tour of Homelessness?  After being assigned a storytelling coach in preparation for an upcoming storytelling showcase at the Foundry known as Rabbit Box, and presenting my story, I mentioned that I lived on the streets.  The coach was surprised, but suggested that is what I should talk about instead of the bizarre true story I was going to tell.

As I began to tell her about a day in the life of a homeless person she said, “You’re telling us things we don’t know”.  It gave me the idea to perhaps start a business giving people walking tours of Athens, GA from the perspective of a street person.  For a street person, walking is part of the daily grind.  For those who choose to participate in a walking tour it would simply be exercise!

Athens is nothing compared to a big city like Atlanta, or New York, or San Francisco, but the daily grind is a grind, nonetheless.  When my coach told me I …

StoryCorps Interview 2018

The time has come! A couple of months ago, I got the last slot on this tour and its first ever visit to Athens. The recorded stories are broadcasting on WUGA now, every Friday and Sunday. I'm not sure of the schedule, but I received a link to my session and will be distributing it myself as well. Listen in for local stories from a few Athens, GA characters, including my own! My partner was not able to make it. So, they interviewed me themselves. I haven't listened to it yet, but from the experience, I'd say it was true to form. And, remember... Don't be afraid to put fruit in your grits!

StoryCorp Interview 2018


For the full line-up, beginning with those currently being aired, visit this link to WUGA:

Seeking Shelter

Every now and then, I feel like leaving this town, Athens, GA.  Then, I remind myself, wherever I go I'm still homeless, even though I've convinced myself I'm home wherever I am...

As recently as last week, Thanksgiving, I was again facing the same feeling.  After all the job leads from New York and New Jersey, and all the other things like Playboy models who once subscribed to my BLAHG years ago, when I started it, I thought about running away and chasing those glimmers of hope.

After my first two subscribers were Playboy models, I seriously considered going to Pacific Palisades, on a shoe string and without a hedonist bone in my body!  The sign on the gate apparently said something like, "If you're not into swingin', then don't come a ringin'".  That just grosses me out.  It was at that point I decided I could never be a Hugh Hefner.  Call me whatever you want, but I'm not ringin' on that gate.

So, ever since then, I've lived on the …

Being Poor

Being poor is immediately defined as not having any money, but a deeper more sincere definition occurs.  Being of a poor mind is the truly defining characteristic of poverty, a poor spirit is never rich.

It's not about having money, or even not having money.  Heck, I've been broke for nearly twelve years now, but I'm not poor!  Being poor is a mindset, really.  But, over the years, I have truly been able to be around truly poor people.  In hindsight, I see now, even before my life on the streets, I knew poor people before who had lots of stuff!

Truly poor people get stuck in a way of doing things and never seek change.  There is a certain sense of security in being poor and constantly surrounding yourself with others who maybe, speak just like you.  Poor people definitely have a way of speaking.

On that note, I have compiled a list of the top ten characteristics, or traits of being poor!


Traits of Poor People

Trait Number 1:

Poor people, no matter what color they are, h…

Just Two, or Three Years Ago, in 2004...

Facebook keeps serving up posts from two, or three years ago that are actually posts from 2004, fifteen years ago; now going on sixteen years. I used this doctored up pic for my profile pic. I enhanced it, a SELFIE- one of my few ever taken, because I am really bothered by the whole SELFIE thing. Before SELFIES, people used to engage someone on the street to get them to take a picture for them. It was a social engagement we seem to have lost.
Yes, there are plenty of freaks out there, but I don't think there are really anymore than ever before. It's just that with the immediacy by which we receive information now, we see more of them than ever before. Freaks have always been here, and to some degree, we're all freaks. Dolly Parton counts herself as a freak and loves freaks. After all, this is not a theocracy, and it never has been a theocracy. Therefore, we have all these Dolly Parton fans running around who love to dress up as her!

I'm not one of those kinds of…