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Shake It Off

I quit drinking coffee/caffeine on a regular basis about ten years ago. I found what used to be a regular afternoon need for a siesta (the crash) stopped as well. But, in the last couple of weeks I've been drinking some coffee because it has been readily available and it has been a little chilly, and I made the mistake of drinking coffee in the afternoon.
This caused my mind to race into the night making for a restless night of tossing and turning, Not only that, I had a song stuck in my head... which is not altogether uncommon, but I don't listen to radio; I'm media deprived, and I had not idea who Taylor Swift is, or this song called Shake It Off that sounded like a young Michael Jackson record, but NEW!

You never know what it's going to be. Usually, without apparent reason, they just pop up. Like, the other morning when I woke up with the theme song from the Broadway musical "Annie" stuck in my head. Why??? I dunno.
Last night, as my mind raced after leav…

Get A Job!

In Athens, GA, there are an inordinate number of homeless people compared to probably any other town of its' size in the state of Georgia.


After speaking to one community leader involved with the homeless, he informed me that Athens has more resources available per capita than other towns.  Outside of permanent housing- food, clothing and facilities for bathing and laundry are readily available somewhere at least four days a week.  The winter shelter opens in mid-October, and remains open through mid-April each year.  As a result, the homeless either find their ways here, or are brought here, as it is common knowledge in other communities that Athens is a sort of Homeless Haven.

The plight of the homeless is a lifestyle primarily concerned and consumed with these things in mind, but for the homeless to shower and to do laundry, one must dedicate four to five hours on any given day to do the same thing someone with a homestead can accomplish in under an hour.  Even if someone …


So, why no more nudes... "The magazine is profitable if money from licensed editions around the world is taken into account, Mr. Flanders said, but the United States edition loses about $3 million a year. He sees it, he said, as a marketing expense. “It is our Fifth Avenue storefront,” he said" So, why no more nudes... I can really only speculate, besides it just being passe, it will probably allow them to expand their reach.  Having once circulated around 5 million copies, now circulating fewer than a million copies, dropping the nudity will make it more acceptable, perhaps building the print audience rather than letting it continue to dwindle.  This is really more of a possibility, than it is a reason why, but it was not cited in this article.

Furthermore, locally, the Atlanta Journal Constitution experienced the same thing in terms of a loss in print readership, as did every newspaper in the country. They just don't print as many papers as they once did. What Playboy…