Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Beans & Cheese

I have found less stress by not watching the news. Although, I did use the word "retarded" the other day to describe the situation we face in this nation at which point someone attacked me for using the word in it's informal offensive sense describing the situation and not a person. So, the guy got mad and called me a Jew, among other things. I was not offended, but he would have been if I called him a Jew, because he was a Redneck. Though I didn't resort to calling him a Redneck, I'm telling you he was. The difference is I've often identified with my Jewish side, just as I identify with my Black side, and heck I might as well admit I identify with my feminine side too, but not my gay side!! Therez no gay side to identify with. I don't understand that behavior. As far as the feminine side goes, anybody who has a heart can identify with that. The difference is as a male, you learn to think past the heart more often than you are controlled by it. The Black side identification only comes from exposure to black culture, and the same could be said of the Redneck side which I have exhibited some tendencies in my lifetime dating back to high school where I dipped Skoal and wore my ball cap backwards. Backward cap wearing crosses over cultures, and is primarily concentrated among middle to upper class kids, but has no racial barriers, as just the other day I encountered a Pakistani man wearing his hat backwards eating a bean and cheese burrito with ketchup.

Apparently, Ketchup is also one of those things that crosses cultural lines like wearing your hat backwards. The point of all this is simply for a matter of perspective. You cannot truly judge anyone who likes ketchup or wears their hat backwards. It's a matter of preference similar to the way we view weeds. Weeds are a matter of opinion and to each his own as far as that goes. Or, that's the way it was before they outlawed one so called weed some people call Tree.

Being that the male determines the gender of a baby by donating either an X chromosome, or a Y chromosome that are supposedly perfectly balanced in a 1:1 ratio, it is apparent that we are a mixed bag of tricks, while females are solely of X's, it seems clear that we might be likewise mixed up in the head, but that's what men tend to say of women! Ironic, and maybe I've stated that correctly, but I could be off since I am certainly no doctor except in the recognition of bullsh*t and we've got a lot of that going on, don't we? That of course only adds to the otherwise natural state of confusion we have within ourselves; some more than others and some who have overcome. So, the other day when a Latina "chick" I know walked by saying, "Hi Gabe" as I was eating a bowl of beans and cheese from Fuzzy's Taco Shop. Without actually thinking about it I said hello and told her I was eating beans and cheese. I hope this is not some kind of exhibition of assuming a stereotype. I don't even know if she's of Mexican decent. Regardless she replied with exclamation, "EWWW Gross!!!!". This caught me by surprise at first and then I realized she's Latina, and thought it was funny! So, when she came back by driving in her car her window was down, and I said, "Well, at least I'm not eating steak with ketchup!". She just looked at me funny, like "What are talking about Gabe?" Then she said see you later Bae, and I was like, "What are you talking about?" What's a Bae? Regardless, I'm pretty sure I'm in touch with my inner Mexican too because I do love beans and cheese, specifically pinto beans.

Needless to say, there's a whole lot of judgement going on all the time and that's because judgement is natural. You cannot help but make judgments the key is not to prejudge. So, when the Dali Lami says don't judge based upon the idea of reincarnation and you're not knowing what someone's previous life might have been like to determine their karmacal state, then I'm just saying that's a lot to digest and not as easy on the stomach as beans and cheese, but probably easier than digesting steak with ketchup! So, when this Redneck called me a Jew and it didn't offend me, I did return the intended insult by calling him a Snowflake, that caused him to repeat himself with almost the identical intended insult that didn't offend me in the first place.

I thought about this for a minute and I even thought about continuing the exchange, but did not because I don't have the energy for that kind of exchange. Plus, it's a waste of time when the guy tells me he's not a Snowflake, he's a Republican! This was just too much. I couldn't waste my energy on anger and instead I wrote this BLAHG! Which now leads me to lunch where since it is 11:24 as I write this and the lady from the soup kitchen at the 1st Baptist Church just stopped by because she saw me here writing this and I told her I would stop by. By the way, I asked her what was for lunch and you know what she said... A Ham Sandwich with a pack of Crackers among Brothers and Friends! (; Amen

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Vhat The F***???

I haven't posted a BLAHG since April 7th, 2017 and I haven't even logged into my blog account, but today I did after realizing last night it had been a minute, or two... or three months since my last post.

If you've ever read any of my stuff, then you've probably heard me mention the fact that my number two group of readers, oddly enough, are Russians. Why? I don't know. I don't speak Russian. I know a few Russians, but the president has more to do with the Russians than I do, in fact!

So, without having logged in for nearly three months, I thought it was funny that we're only six days into July and these are my stats for the month so far...


Entry Pageviews

Russia 147

United States 17

Singapore 2

Canada 1

Malaysia 1


Since everything else is weird these days, I thought I would share this with you. A friend of mine told me it was because of a BLAHG post I made about Dolly Parton that the Russians were reading. I asked him what he meant. He said, Russians love Boobs... 
Doesn't everybody?!?

Na Zdorovie (На здоровье)


Dolly 2020!!!
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Friday, April 7, 2017

Fruit In My Grits

I've explained it this way before, but the world is really divided between the world of Hee-Haw and the world of Disneyland. The two world's overlap, but are largely distinct. Steve Martin says, 'Everything you see, or hear, touch, feel... is usable". Disneyland is just a little more my speed! It's just that I am convinced that God loves Hee-Haw!

I fully appreciate that statement as one with the blessing and a curse of being a writer. It is something I must do. I appreciate those who read what I write, but I do it as much for myself as I do for others. Hopefully, I help to make the world a better place. That is my first objective.

Beyond that, if you don't like me, or think I'm strange for putting canteloupe, pineapple, and melon in my hot grits, or that I sometimes like to drink coffee and eat pizza at midnight, that's really your problem. It's harmless and I enjoy it!

Alia Gosheh made a post about getting a different brand of macaroni and cheese than Kraft and it was evidently sub-standard. One guy chimed in and told her she was lazy and that she should make it herself. I responded by saying, 'It's not laziness. It takes the same amount of time to make (real) mac and cheese. It's just thinking outside the box'... quite literally!

So, if I'm a rebel for liking fruit in my grits instead of butter, sue me! Otherwise, try it. You might just like it!



She Rules The World

Angelica Pickles:

She reminds me of at least two people, my X, and the president.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Mexico City?

After watching this video of Mexico City, I thought... this looks like any city, any where. Why would anybody want to immigrate to the USA if it's the same old thing? Why don't almost any Americans want to move somewhere else, like droves of people from other nations seem to want to.

Then I got to thinking, in Athens, GA you can be in the country in five minutes, which is an entirely different world than the city. I imagine the same is true in Mexico, except my imagination includes more desert terrain. So, it makes sense that besides economic opportunity, our lush land is attractive, which flies in the face of businesses who don't seek to protect the environment.

I spent the night in the country last night. This morning when I left and hit the road, I found two aluminum cans and a ball cap thrown in the drive way, which reminds me of my favorite lines I think I ever wrote, Morning Sex in the Parking Deck, inspired when one morning I found a bra, a pair of panties, a bag of tortilla chips, a cup of coffee, not to mention the spent condom, lying there all together. So, of course I had to write a poem.

You can read it here, if you like:

Point being, is it doesn't matter where you come from, the city, or the country, I'm betting most of the people who want to come to America aren't living the lifestyles that the people in this video portray, unless they choose to come here to start a business.

In other words, people are people generally the same wherever you go. There are decent people, and there are trashy people. Not all decent people are rich, and not all decent people are poor. Not all trashy people are poor, but some rich people are trashy, and tacky too.

So, to speak the words of the country, you can put some lipstick on that pig if you want to, but it's still a pig. Does that bring anybody to mind? I think of several... Some are in Washington DC, and some are in Athens, GA. There are some people who are here in this country who like to litter, and I'm betting they don't wash their asses either. In fact, here's a consideration, since we're all hyped up about immigration, what about deportation of some of the trash we have right here, right now? If you throw trash on the ground and you don't wash your ass, you should be deported.  It brings new meaning to being full of sh*t, literally.

The only people you hear of wanting to leave the USA are rich people.  Why is that?  Poor people don't want to leave.  Why would they when it is plainly evident that everybody wants to come here?  Anyway, I'm sure they have homeless people in Mexico City they didn't show us in this video, and I can't explain why some people are full of sh*t and others are genuine people, but one thing I did also learn from this video was that we have better traffic laws!  It's not as bad as India, but those traffic circles are a place of some chaos in Mexico City!

So, if you don't love America for any other reason, then love it for the roads, and bridges, and the general order of traffic!  Traffic sucks, but it could be worse!

God Bless America!  But, will you also please change the trashy people into decent people because there are too many of them.  I ask this in sincerity because we can't seem to do anything about it with our educational system and with all the great technological advancements we've seen in the last hundred years.  May Yeshua advocate for us.  Amen.

It seems like no matter how hard we try people will always piss on the toilet seat, and just leave it for somebody else to clean up!  Heck, you can't even get them to flush the toilet, and these are not environmentalists we're talking about.  If someone wants to leave old piss in their own toilet that's their personal environment, and that's their business, but having personally spent 48 hours in a jail cell with a broken toilet, I can tell you that's not something you would call sanitary.  And, it's so simple.  All you gotta do is push, or pull that handle!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

True Love

I am strongly considering unsubscribing from all news channels and focusing only on true love.  You don't need a news channel for true love unless you're planning a proposal at a major sporting event, and I'm not planning on that.

Trump This!!!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Make America Grateful Again

He has been so often misquoted, I really didn't think he'd mind my putting a few words in his mouth.


Monday, February 27, 2017

Out Of The Hood

And, still some took me in from the streets and fed me and gave me a place to rest, when my own just left me there sitting, not only for days, but for years. I don't want to give you the "victim of circumstance" routine, but there are people who are victims.

I do consider I am largely a product of my decisions, but just as one man cannot lift himself up without the aid of others, neither does one man usually fall down all on his own, unless he's drunk and can't walk.

I probably should not post this, but I'm going to anyway, because I've spent the better part of ten years in poverty. And, though I am not totally sympathetic to all of the impoverished, even having lived it, I am also not a fool especially when it comes to the black experience. It has been said, it's good to have a social safety net, but people are stuck in it. And, I would say, everybody can't be a rock star.

I call it McMansion Capitalism, to distinguish it from a better form where greed is not a great capitalist trait, like bullsh*t seems to be as well. Then, I think to myself it's always been this way. So, I lose my zeal for change, leaving me at this point I just re-read after five years, but I don't know where it comes from.  Only since I've clicked through a link the reminder post has vanished.

It was an entire paragraph on how kings have lamented through time over their rise to power only to find themselves wanting neither poverty nor riches, but to live somewhere in the middle. I don't know what book it came from, but I never read it. It was just the opening statement that caught my attention because it encapsulates my feelings, never having been a king, or truly impoverished; I mean truly impoverished.

Knowing full well that trickle down economics is a myth, we have all agreed on the right and the left to the welfare state, because if true trickle down were to live on it's own without those who pick up the slack in churches and through welfare benefits, our poor would look a lot more like those in starving Ethiopia than they do here.

The real issue involved with black on black crimes, as this piece alludes to, are drugs, which provoke the killings in many cases. Or, has always been the case, killing over a woman, or jealously. I know I'm being one sided in talking about males, but I think the statistics support what I'm saying. The same is true in the modern white community. Crack, and Meth and Ice are turning people of all colors into monsters.

I would never advocate getting rid of beer.  I love beer, but alcoholism is bad enough.  It's particularly bad because it doesn't even make you want to do anything. At least a crack head might want to work, but after they become so hooked that becomes and impossibility. So, the real problem is in substance abuse, and the money that is made from it because there doesn't seem to be any upward mobility. Especially for black folk, that has always been the case.

These days, where I'm from, it seems like the best you can do is $9 per hour for anybody, whatever color. That's a bit of an exaggeration because some make better money than that, but by and large you're lucky if you even get $9 per hour. Basically, prices have far outpaced wages, but that was true before I was born. I remember having a conversation with my grandmother about this very issue when she was telling me what the price of a home was when she was young, and how much money she made.

Prices have far outpaced wages, and that's when the bubble bursts and somebody like Donald Trump is elected by telling everyone he's going to give back what his greed has already taken away, all while blaming it on somebody else, like Mexicans, or brown people in general. Unfortunately, this is also when things can turn to violence and before weaponry had far outpaced the weaponry of the common man, we would have already had a revolution by now. Instead, we get riots and violence in the streets because a violent revolution is not even a a viable option.  Any fool can see that.  We require a revolution of the minds.

So, since we cannot promise everybody they'll grow out of the hood, or out of poverty, then the best we can do is to attack these drugs that are truly turning people into monsters. It's not about raising the minimum wage. It's about healing people, and this is a battle for the soul. Is religion the answer? We have enough religion to make a dyslexic believer in dog sick. But, for those who are affected by this the most, the people who live in the "hoods" we've gotta stop the drugs, which means not make everybody think they need a mansion, and not to Make America Great Again, but to Make America Grateful Again.

We have spent years trying to motivate people by making them feel like losers, one of Trump's favorite words. Our society in general takes pleasure in the misfortune of others. Talk about systemics! But, this truly starts with an attitude of gratitude for what we have here in America. Not only is the leadership ungrateful, but so are the people and we all live like kings.

I'm not saying there aren't problems, but everybody can't be rock star. This mentality is what needs to end. Sure, it's good to dream but how about some realistic goals. Even at $9 per hour, you can afford to get a place of your own. You might not have any money for drugs, but you can pay rent. You might not be able to afford a car, but you can afford bus fare, or a bike. Heck, I'm doing it and I used to make nearly a hundred thousand a year, and that wasn't enough either. It never is unless you have some sense of gratitude that governs your life, and even your desires. We don't need any more religion, but I thank my God I was born in America, even though I've been living on the streets.  I'm not on the streets anymore, and I'm very grateful for that, especially when one particular person had enough faith in me to give me a lift.

I also know it's hard to find work, especially if you feel shunned, but this is when a village has to come together. Turn off the tv, and do what you can to make the world a better place. I'm not saying you should go hug your neighborhood crack dealer today, but that's the first thing we need to be worried with. Whatever it takes to get rid of these kinds of substances it needs to be done. People literally die before your very eyes as you witness their teeth fall out of their mouths and their skin turn to blisters, and sores. And, they're willing to beg, borrow and steal for it, not to mention kill, and it doesn't matter what color they are.

This might stimulate debate, but our issues in this country largely stem from psychological mismanagement of the masses. See, it covers both sides of the coin.

The homeless in Athens, represent less than half of half of one percent of the population. Chew on that for a minute, and yes, I don't think anybody should be homeless, but frontiersmen lived outside for years. Some people simply choose to do it. It has been an uphill battle for me. I grew up largely in the country, but it was at the country club. I am not frontiersman, and I have no desire to live in a tent. That's why I never pitched one, and probably why I got locked up as much as I did because I was an urban dweller. What I also never did is give up, and you will never see me sitting on that bridge across the street from the shelter in the morning, or the afternoon, or at night. That's a matter of personal dignity.

I might not ever have a mansion, but I don't care! I just don't ever want to be poor and in America that's a state of mind, which means being born somewhere else than here because I don't see it the same way as others. We can agree on the lack of upward mobility, but as long as there are kings, or wealthy people we will have classes, and I just don't see money going away.

It's not so bad here, and I am grateful to have survived street life, and to have lived it in Athens instead of Chicago, or New York. I know there's a difference, but I've spoken with people from those areas and they have soup kitchens too. It's just they have a lot more street people. I just still believe that so much of it has to do with attitude, and we have created an attitude of greed at the bottom and the top. How do you fix that? Sure would be nice to have a magic wand with that question, but this truly is a matter of the heart and soul.

Certainly, it starts in the schools, and I DO NOT support religion in schools, but the same character building that religion offers can be offered in such a way as to have a positive effect. You just have to frame it in such a way to make people see they gotta stay on their lily pads. And, right now we've got them hopping all over the place.  One more thing... Boot Camp for every eighteen year old might be the greatest mandate ever.  Since we're into mandating some things people have to buy, let's mandate some discipline and breed some manners.


Friday, February 3, 2017


I have just started trying to answer that question in the last ten years. It always perplexed me. How can a bunch of church people who drive shiny new cars, and hoard all the cash hang a picture of a guy on their wall wearing a robe and a beard, while wearing suits and ties. Quite honestly, from the conservative perspective, I think it serves as a reminder for them of what they could consider to be a terrorist.

Christ threatened the establishment. He was against greed, but he was not a socialist. Just read the parable of the talents and it is clear he was a capitalist, comparing the kingdom of heaven and entry to those who manage their resources well. Two men grew their "talents", while one man buried his in the ground. The one, was dismissed for a form of irresponsibility, and really a form of hoarding, if you think about it, but on the lower side of the equation.

But, the powers that were, still are today. So, they crucified him as the governing elite went through the crowd asking for another person to be released from jail even though Pontius Pilot declared him innocent... before having him crucified. These sales people for the establishment swayed public opinion and Jesus lost. The other part of the story included something called the resurrection, but for the sake of this post and understanding modern American Christianity, it has truly become centered around "stuff", and a way of life dangled before others as something to aspire toward, but seldom achieved by most. It is largely generational, and almost predetermined.

But, you have to be careful with that because as I've recognized from my journey on the streets our poor in America are hardly poor compared to others around the world. We have plenty of poor minded people, but nobody lies in the dirt, hoping for a cup of rice at the end of the day, unless s/he is a moron.

From the Liberal perspective, as I understand it, Christ is also viewed as a rebel, an agent for change, but Liberals are often socialists, which to me does not match up with the teachings of Christ. If anything, in my opinion, he was a capitalist, with compassion and modesty. He was not, as I call it, a Mansion Capitalist. In fact, by his own words, grossly misinterpreted in English from the original Greek, and Latin root, he is translated as saying, 'In my father's house there are many mansions', in English. But, the Greek and Latin words translated as "mansions", even today do not mean some monstrosity of a house. It means dwelling place, or basically a home.

Not very long ago, American families lived in multi-generational homes they kept for lifetimes. We didn't have this trade up until you get the castle mentality, and carry a mortgage forever too. It did not exist, because America was a much more modest country. You can see the change in the comedy scene as well. Comedy used to be "clean", except for literary techniques like innuendo. Today, we have almost obligatory blatant fart, penis, vagina & masturbation jokes from some of the top comedians. Call me a prude. I don't really care. That's why I don't rush to grab the mic, because the audiences seem to love that stuff these days.

In the last 100 years the face of this nation has changed. I don't know that the governing elite have changed all that much. Greed has always existed, but it has permeated our society from the top down.

So, while there are rich Liberals, many I've known tend to be less materialistic people. That's not to say there aren't modest conservatives. It's also not to say your wealth shouldn't be guarded and protected. You would be a fool to give your money away in the name of building homes for the homeless without requiring their work investment. Otherwise, many, if not most will just piss all over it. I've live among them for the past decade. I've gotten quite an education, but I have not gotten a bleeding heart.

Yes, we need welfare and soup kitchens, and I believe in taking care of the poor as Christ taught, but not in the form of simple handouts, and much more in the form of nourishment... that being nourishment of the soul. To a very large degree you have the truly impoverished walking around like zombies, often ill mannered, and very ill equipped to compete in today's job market. We need welfare, as a matter of American dignity, but we also need welfare reform. It is an abused system where people get checks and still choose to live outside so they can buy drugs. It's a fact.

So, put a bandage on that bleeding heart if you have one. As Americans we have a responsibility to try and lift people up, or at least we should. The "Get A Job" mentality is just as wrong as the "I Feel Sorry For You", mentality. Yet, our two political camps exacerbate these mindsets into overlooking the true solutions.

Education is key, but you have an entire generation of people say from 40 to 60 who had computers thrown out there but without any orientation for them to be used effectively. Talk to someone over 40 and try to get them to text message you. All too often, they will say they don't know how, or they don't do that as if it's somehow profane. 40 might not be the best age example, but you know what I'm saying. We have people who should be equipped with certain technological skills, and should be in the workforce that don't know how to use a word processor, spreadsheets, or presentation programs. I know business owners to this day who still don't even advertise online.

We also have lost the agricultural jobs to a large degree leaving many people who if you did teach them computer skills still stranded because there are only so many video games you can develop, but the earth is always there to be worked. We just use machines to work it instead. It's a trying time no doubt.

What are we supposed to do with all these people who don't work? I think everyone should be required to work if the get benefits. It adds character. I'm not saying cut benefits. Maintain the benefits and let them climb out of public housing. Supplement their less than sufficient incomes of minimum wage by continuing the benefits, but at least require work. There are way too many people wandering around every day just trying to get effed up, and they don't even try to make a better life for themselves. They'd rather walk around and ask people for cigarettes and spare change than work for $7 and hour, because they have been conditioned to that by our "social safety" net.

Just recently the state of Georgia has required food stamps recipients to work if they are of a certain age and able. There isn't anything wrong with that, and I can't believe I even suggested someone might think there is something wrong with that by making that statement, but it is and should have already been a requirement. You can find a job of some kind. You might not make a 100k a year from it, but at least it will instill a work ethic. When I first visited the soup kitchen I stood outside with a guy who tole me point blank, "Why should I go find a job? They already "give" me this much a month." That's wrong, and it's also NOT SOCIALISM because even SOCIALISM requires work. It's WELFARE. There is a big difference, but does everybody really deserve and equal share.

Socialism stifles creativity, overlooks the individual, and spreads the bounty evenly... IF IT EVEN EXISTED. It doesn't. Neither does Laissez-Faire economics. We have a balanced system. It just needs a few tweeks, but if you're an American you MUST believe in the individual. If you have a great idea to make the world better in some way, then you should be rewarded. If you just sit around and live off the crumbs that don't leave you lying around in the dirt like a starving Ethiopian, then so be it, but you shouldn't get a check if you're not even willing to flip burgers.

So, I know I went on a rant, but I have pretty much concluded that both Conservatives and Liberals today view Jesus as a sort of hippie, and I don't see him that way from what I've read. Everyone wore robes and sandals back then, even soldiers. The clothing has changed and that's why I liked what Pope Francis did with the modernized depiction of Jesus wearing blues jeans and sneakers. We get stuck in images in our minds that come from a book that doesn't even have any pictures. One thing is for sure, I don't think he was a hippie, but he was of the people, Oh Son of Man! It is debatable what that phrase really means, but I think we still use it today, but we have shortened it to a simple "Man".

Man, oh man, oh man, man please, can we just stop the greed?


Greed at the bottom, greed at the top
Suits and ties, suits and ties not
Greed at the bottom, greed at the top
Walk down the street, you see it everywhere
People sittin' on the corners asking you to share
People sittin' in mansions want another over there
People on the corners with government checks, from the
People in the mansions the one percent UP
People sittin' on the corners after free lunch
Sayin' gimme, gimme, gimme, just one of your bucks
Lunch might be free, but the crack is not
Greed at the bottom, greed at the top
People in the mansions say get your own
Let the crumbs fall straight... straight to the ground
The ground where people sleep because the shelter is full
The ground with the side walks meant for us all
The ground with the homeless and citizens
The ground where the homeless miss the trash bin
Greed at the bottom, greed at the top
It's a two way street, like it or not
One way says another, and another says not
Greed at the bottom, greed at the top
It's a two way street, with one lane blocked
Greed at the bottom, greed at the top
Suits and ties, suits and ties not
Where's my mansion, some of us ask
Where's my golden shower in the forecast
Where are my women, and where is my bed
Mansion capitalism, at its best
Greed at the bottom, greed at the top
People want more and won't ever stop


Sorry, I got on a roll and couldn't stop! It's like greed on this keyboard, but if that's my greed, then why not?


Read 1st World Problems:


February 13, 2017
Jesus Journal Entry

After being perplexed by this most recent election, and after seeing a post from a "Christian" friend of mine asking whether or not Los Angeles would be destroyed if the Oroville Dam burst, I had this reply.  By the time I finished writing this, her post had been removed, but I thought it was of value.  I am going to start to call this BLAHG section my "Jesus Journal" since I have spent so much of my life affected by my exposure to Christianity in America where for the longest time I couldn't make it match up with scripture, but that is when you learn the true meaning of grace!  Grace is not something that matches up to our failures like punishment.  It is undeserved, unmerited favor instead of the punishment we deserve.


Will Los Angeles be destroyed if the Oroville Dam bursts?

I have said some things, hopefully without hate, that seem like plausible conclusions, such as Trump won't make it four years, either by impeachment, assassination, or heart attack; but what I would rather say, call it a prayer, is for the minds of the governing elite to be "renewed".

He has brought out the "ugly" in everyone, which I believe is his aim. He is a troublemaker, from the Department of Piss People Off playing the oldest game known to man and people still want to play it. The name of the game is BS, and hyperbole. Those who come from the Department of Peace can see right through this. These are the only two kinds of people there really are in the entire world.

I have had many dealings with people from the DOPPO in my life. It is where I learned to "turn the other cheek", so to speak, because they do not cause any physical harm. Their torment is by psychological means. They enjoy nothing more than to agitate, and it comes from across the political spectrum. I have met feminists who so often have underlying anger issues, for what may, or may not be for valid reasons. I have met conservatives, who "hate" anything they deem to be from the left, even though they cannot identify particular reasons to hate a certain position other than the fact it isn't their own.

The first problem is in thinking we can identify ourselves with the "truth" from one party or the other. From the left, an emphasis on the environment which should be equally endearing to those on the right, falls way down the list of concerns, below abortion, and the economy, when we don't have any life, or economy without the environment.

But, this is the game we play. The saying says, don't hate the player, hate the game. The beauty of America comes in it's anonymity to definition. We have only a vague reference to God in our two most cherished documents, no clear theocratic description, and that is by intention. So, if we don't like the game we play as it changes over time, we can play a new game. We have that right, and freedom, and it is built by consensus. However, it is only supported when our elected representatives truly represent that consensus.

It is plainly evident among the voting public we are nearly equally divided within just a couple of percentage points, while 1/3 of our nation doesn't even bother to vote. So, two-thirds of us are playing the game from the right or the left, while 1/3 do not participate. What does that say? This 1/3 don't start bloody revolutions, or massacres. So, for the most part, they must be content living their lives not placing any value in the political system. Some of this 1/3 of the population are educated and intelligent people, and some of them are not, but either way, they don't see any reason to vote. Life must be good, or at least good enough. It brings new meaning to the saying, "It doesn't get any better than this", or it's "As good as it gets!" as Jack Nicholson reminded us, in a movie about people with psychiatric disorders.

This life can be a living hell, or a living piece of paradise depending on your attitude, and barring any felonious crimes against you. While I can agree with you that Hollywood often promotes licentiousness, they also offer up many things of value that beg people to think. Such is life. The earth is not evil, and nor are guns. The people who occupy the earth, and possess the guns are not simply evil, but certainly have the capacity for evil, and the capacity for good. Even if someone is an atheist, they generally believe in a code written into human beings for good.

This can bring us to a point of theological nature. If you've read anything I've written you should know I'm a believer, but this is not a Christian nation by definition even since our foundation. That means as Christians, it is our job to operate without the "promotion", or "prohibition" of the government. Jesus will NOT be elected as president. He doesn't need that title of men.

He is a king that "rains" on his people and therefore projects himself through them, from way up high on the mountain top, his heel will rest upon his enemies as they will be made into instruments of servitude, as footstools. The service will be in true love, absent of BS, or hyperbole. That's the new game straight outta New Jerusalem existing beyond walls, and borders and in the hearts and hands of believers everywhere, one nation under God, made of many colors.

So, I'll leave the question to you.  Will Los Angeles be destroyed if the Oroville Dam bursts?

Peace to you.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

In Other News

In other news, Hugh Hefner has been invited to attend dinner served at the White House with the new president, Donald J. Trump. The wait-staff will not include any male servers, and will be dressed in bunny outfits, including bunny ears, and will be instructed to call every male attendee Baby, Honey, or Sugar. Mrs. Trump will be referred to only as Ma'am, as she is now officially the house mother, and will make frequent visits to the Mansion to oversee operations. The girls love her. There isn't any resentment toward her. She is one of them after all, so why should there be an resentment? Girls at the Playboy Mansion, deserve to be there after all and get a bad rap for being what is basically known as "hot".

The irony of the situation is that the White House has never had a Playboy Bunny as the first lady before. Why that is, nobody seems to be able to answer. But, now, we have a new reality! Jackie O was a "lady", but not a party girl by any official reports, and walked with traditional dignity and grace. Not that she wasn't "hot" in her own way, just not the Playboy Bunny kind of "hot". She represented a different class of woman. Not even Hillary Clinton is Bunny material, or Michelle Obama. These women, the Bunnies, truly are in a class by themselves, and are often looked down upon by a society permeated with Schadenfreud disorder. If you don't know what that is, just ask any Playboy Bunny, or a celebrity who knows full well that their very presence can spark ridiculous jealousy among others, though that would really be reverse Schadenfreude.

So, it truly is a red letter date in American history. We basically elected a Hugh Hefner archetype as president of the United States of America, and nothing would be more fitting than for her to have posed nude for photos. There isn't anything wrong with that as Playboy has for years presented dignified images of naked women hardly to be considered porn. Their jokes section could be classified as pornography more than the photography. And, now, only just over a year since Playboy ceased from publishing nude photos in its print edition, we have a fully clothed, former nude model as first lady of the White House. By the way, Melania Trump never actually was a Playboy Bunny.

If you really think about it, isn't it about time for this? Nobody really expects Melania Trump to try and usurp authority over the presidency as "some" first ladies did... who might have attended the inauguration yesterday... She'll probably continue to be 100% female, as she is. What's wrong with that?

So, whether you voted for Trump, or not, like I did not, then give him credit for winning the election with some of the most absurd campaigning we have ever witnessed in this day and age. Saying things you think would be as passe as say... nude photos in Playboy! Donald Trump spoke, the people listened, and they bought it. That's all that matters. Whether or not he can actually sell the Brooklyn Bridge after saying he can is an entirely different question.

In Other News is a fake news publication I just started today. I'm telling you it's fake right up front! So, don't believe a word I'm saying, but am I lying?

For "In Other News",


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Mary Ann

Dawn Wells, Mary Ann of Gilligan's Island, wrote of Meryl Streep's speech at the Golden Globes:

"Amazing depth and perception radiated in Meryl Streep's speech tonight at the Golden Globes as she accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award. Thank you Meryl for making us artists proud"

This was apparently controversial to many of her followers prompting some very negative responses.  I only just heard about it, and had this in response.

I'm just catching wind of this post, and after seeing similar reactions from people I have known for many years, I am once again amazed at the inability for people to think for themselves. This really doesn't come as any surprise because we are not trained throughout our lives to do that. We are trained to go to pep rallies and root for your team. It starts at a young age, and carries on throughout life. Most people are not critical thinkers. That is not an attack on anyone's character. It's just a fact.

This explains the defense of anything Trump says even when it is immoral, and or juvenile. This "man" gained most of the VAST majority of the Christian vote in this country. This fact alone speaks volumes as to what people know about their own good book they claim to believe in. People operate on keywords, without depth, and only superficial knowledge. Just say "Jesus" and they will listen... even though that person may not make a confession of sins...

As a manipulation technique, that's brilliant, if you're Donald Trump. It worked beautifully. But, that good book says you will know them by their fruits. Somehow his rotten apples got their vote. At least the serpent in the true used fresh fruit, just forbidden.

Now, we even have the Jim Baker crowd declaring that Trump may very well be JESUS returned, or at least his forerunner, although I don't remember there being any forerunner mentioned for the 2nd coming other than the shout of an archangel. But, I don't read it like I used to. From cover to cover and over and over, I did, and had to break it down to this.

There are nine pieces of fruit and six pieces of armor. Love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. By these "fruit" you will know them.

The six pieces of armor are the girdle of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the sandals of the gospel of peace, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the spirit, which is the Word...

Now, I realize we live in a time where the largest group of people out there do not identify with any religion. I am not a big fan of religion. There are thirty thousand flavors of Christianity worldwide, not to mention all the other religions in the world. I'm only expressing this here because the people who don't like what Meryl Streep said, which is bewildering to me because it was said with the greatest dignity, and grace; are the same people that protest your post I'm assuming because they were Trump supporters and there is a very good chance they also identify as being Christian. Dear Christians, please explain what she said that offends you? I listened to the same eloquent speech and thought it was well said.

If it was the "birther" comment, then it just proves my point that people latch on to keywords and can't substantiate their claims. Other than that, are we not a nation made of all different kinds of people? The most cherished documents of our nation were written in such a way as to leave room for people of faith of different opinions, cautiously against anyone trying to impose their interpretation above all others, and against anyone intending harm against anyone for their beliefs.

Jesus is not mentioned in our nations documents. The generic term "God" is. This was done by intention, and our founders were hardly orthodox in their views with such as Thomas Jefferson dissecting the Bible, removing all the mention of miracles, and keeping only the moral teachings. That's fine for Thomas Jefferson, but personally, I believe in miracles. I've seen them. However, 'you will know them by their fruits'...

The scientific mind, and this scientific generation denies these things. Perhaps they haven't been exposed to the same supernatural things others have, but while this was never a nation expressly "Christian", it was predominantly populated by Christians. We've been arguing about that since our inception.

I don't believe in atheism, but if an atheist doesn't intend to harm anyone for believing in God, and they operate in peace, then fine. I also don't believe in people like Jim Baker and his crew who say that Donald Trump might be Jesus. But, if they're not trying to cause harm to anyone for disagreeing, then let them believe what they want. It's just that I also believe when Jesus returns he's not going to be elected president. It will be an unmistakable event where every eye will see and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord preceded with the shout of an archangel... and he's not some guy from Queens born with a silver spoon in his mouth that somehow managed to get the Christian vote.

So, when you have a president elect who mimics disabled people, categorizes Mexicans as criminals, talks about building walls instead of bridges, and Tweets like a Twit on Twitter, then it's time we check our belief system before we go calling him the Messiah. After all, have you ever met a white guy named Jesus? That's a Latin name, the Latinos pronounce as HEY-SUS, not GEEZ-US. And, that's a good reason to believe God loves Latinos if you ask me!

Why would the translators of scripture choose to use the Latin name when translating into English what would be more accurately translated as Joshua? I can't answer that question, but that's what they did. Maybe they foresaw we needed that bridge on down the road where we are today in need of 'a bridge over troubled water'.

I know people who have accepted Donald Trump's explanation of what he did in mimicking the disabled reporter, but if you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'll sell you. I know people, I never thought would vote for such a guy, because of what basically amounts to peer pressure did. When everyone around you is doing something, you might tend to do it too. I worked in environments like that. I understand the herd mentality. I see it every single day in action. It's everywhere. In fact, we are wired for it. So, when someone breaks the mold, they are labeled as a black sheep. It's a tough place to be, especially if you're not a Liberal and you didn't vote for Trump. Especially, when you are a believer and can't understand how other believers could vote for Trump.

Yet, that is America, where we can agree to disagree, but if anyone can show me why all the uproar over Meryl Streep's words and make sense of it beyond superficial disapproval, then please do.

We do not live in a theocracy. For believers, there is God's law, and there is Grace. For those who are not believers, we have the the laws of our country. The biggest problem on both sides of the fence are that we legislate morality. Yes, our roots are in Judeo-Christian beliefs and the ten commandments are the foundation, but beyond that we don't need any laws for behavior in a nation founded on openness to ideas as it relates to faith. What we could use is a lot more decency from the left and the right. As far as I'm concerned the government does not belong in your church, your bedroom, or your garden, but who can disagree with laws against lying and stealing and murder...

So, here we are today in a society that includes people of all races and even gay people. I don't understand homosexuality, but this isn't a theocracy. So, we don't stone people to death for that here. Some think we should, but then we would be imposing our own beliefs upon others when the Christian faith is not by imposition, but by conviction. You can't force someone to be a believer. What we should require of every citizen is that you mind your manners.

After the election there was a rally downtown. They called it the F*** Trump rally. I did not attend. I'm not a "rally" kind of guy, and with all the anger that was being displayed and still is, except by Meryl Streep, I am reminded of one soul standing the crowd surrounded by angry protesters against Trump who were holding signs saying "F*** Trump" and "Not My President". Like it or not, unless you're seceding from the United States to form your own country, he is your president! Nonetheless, there was this one woman standing there calmly holding her sign that simply read, "Trump Is A Creep". We need a lot more of this kind of disagreement especially when whoever is elected is hardly going to affect your life.

I know all about anger. I lived many years with it as one of my most identifying traits. I'm not happy about Trump. I don't like him one bit. He represents what I like to call Mansion Capitalism, when we need a more modest approach to capitalism. We have created a nation full of people who are not satisfied. In some cases, that is justified, largely even our poor are rich compared to the truly poor across the globe. We need a lot less greed and lot more gratefulness. We've got greed at the bottom and greed at the top, suits and ties, suits and ties not.  We need a welfare system, but we also need welfare reform.  We need to learn from the lady in the crowd of angry protesters.

There isn't and there never has been a perfect president, nor shall there ever be one.  The best we can do is make sure everyone is taken care of, because I hate to tell you this if you come from the "self-sufficiency" crowd, it does take a village.  The question is whether you come from the Department of Peace, or the Department of Piss People Off.  If you're pissed at Meryl Streep and therefore pissed at Mary Ann... I don't understand.  What I do understand is Donald Trump spends most of his time trying to piss people off, and I'm no Liberal.


Greed at the bottom, greed at the top
Suits and ties, suits and ties not
Greed at the bottom, greed at the top
Walk down the street, you see it everywhere
People sittin' on the corners asking you to share
People sittin' in mansions want another over there
People on the corners with government checks, from the
People in the mansions, and the middle class deck?!?
People sittin' on the corners after free lunch
Sayin' gimme, gimme, gimme, just one of your bucks
Lunch might be free, but the crack is not
Greed at the bottom, greed at the top
People in the mansions say get your own
Let the crumbs fall straight... straight to the ground
The ground where people sleep because the shelter is full
The ground with the side walks meant for us all
The ground with the homeless and citizens
The ground where the homeless miss the trash bin
Greed at the bottom, greed at the top
It's a two way street, like it or not
One way says another, and another says not
Greed at the bottom, greed at the top
It's a two way street, with one lane blocked
Greed at the bottom, greed at the top
Suits and ties, suits and ties not
Where's my mansion, some of us ask
Where's my golden shower in the forecast
Where are my women, and where is my bed
Mansion capitalism, at its best
Greed at the bottom, greed at the top
People want more and won't ever stop

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Stacey Dash On "Why I Say What I Say"

Why I Say What I Say, Even Though I Drive Whoopi, BET, and Most Other Black People Crazy


After reading the article above, here are my thoughts...

Stacey Dash drives me crazy, and I'm not even BLACK!  She having grown up in the South Bronx, having voted for Obama in 2008, and now a right wing representative of the most extreme kind, I agree with her much of the time, but she sticks to the script when she knows it is WRONG.  I'm not really disagreeing with this current post, except in terms of the way Republicans always attack social programs when working on the budget before they attack our inflated military budget.  I'm all for a strong defense.  I'm not a pacifist in that way, but we don't spend the money on our weapons program for the people of this country as much as we spend it for the people making money off it.  Sure, we need reforms in the welfare system, but not cuts, at least not yet.

I can't argue with anything Stacey Dash has said in this article. In fact, it is very well said. Besides the "Now, in the promised land of freedom, we seek the lost Eden of separatism?" statement, which I don't understand, I totally understand where she is coming from, but when she starts making the states rights argument in support of the Confederate flag, she loses me.  Her adamant support of all things from the right, and her partisan support of Trump loses me.  But, it makes sense in our bi-polar nation.  When you go from voting for Obama, to voting for Trump, nothing can exemplify that more.

The states rights argument for slavery is, and always has been a cloak of justification, which is not much different than what she points out about modern Liberalism.  Donald Trump is just another fat cat that told people what they wanted to hear to get the vote, appealing to their confirmation bias. And, that's just the way things work, she might, and really did say, in this article. That's what's wrong with American politics, it's just hype from the rich to the poor.

Neither party is perfect, and it's like I told someone just this morning... I don't believe in the legislation of morality. I don't support blue laws and I don't support laws on sexuality either. The government does not have a place in your church, your bedroom, or your garden. There shouldn't even be any such thing as a government issued marriage license. We have TOO MUCH government; on this we agree.

The downfall of conservatism for minorities lies in the lie of "self-sufficiency". Even if there was only one person on the planet, s/he would have to rely on other things to survive. That is a very far fetched example, but so is the idea of self-sufficiency. It DOES take a village for all us to live. One person on the planet wouldn't last very long, don't you agree? So, we have an entire populace of people stuck in public housing without any real upward mobility.

Well, we should be thankful that it's there, or we would have people lying in the dirt starving to death like they do in Ethiopia. Without Liberalism we wouldn't have welfare and the like. But, they go way too  far in not just trying to care for people, but in forcing their own moral agenda down the throats of everyone like a blue law that says you can't buy alcohol on Sunday, from the other side of the fence.

Where we are in this system is where we need to be with a balance between the free market and the government supplied social safety net. Perhaps, welfare recipients should be required to work. That would make a difference. Anything FREE is taken advantage of and while the exteriors of many public housing projects are well built the interiors may not be all that well kept. It all depends on who is living inside, no matter what color they are.

Stacey Dash goes way too far in the other direction from her days supporting Obama, by embracing things that are seemingly racist. The middle ground is the better place if you want to maintain credibility with the masses instead of just the Republican party. They have their shtick and the Dems have theirs. It's a script and when she says some of the things she does, one can't blame people for giving her flack. I agree with her on BLM, but I don't discount that there is racism. Is BLM there now with all the shootings that just occurred in Chicago, or are they just waiting for another cop killing to protest. I know what she is saying. To randomly kill cops is asinine and doesn't solve anything. But, to discount the entire movement is unfair. However, ALL lives do matter, including BLUE lives and 99% of cops never kill anyone each year...  So, you, reactionaries, have a 99% chance of killing an innocent cop if you randomly kill one.

The Oscars, who really cares, but as I've written on her page many times, she deserves one for her work as a Conservative. I am glad to know about her past, in that she grew up in the Bronx and saw street life, for real. I just feel like people who aren't finding solutions in one group often jump into another which is like going from the frying pan to the fire.

I've always aligned with the right in my way of thinking in terms of family values, even my religious beliefs, and on social issues to the point of personal behavior but not the point of legislating my beliefs over someone else. I've also always been exposed to people of different view points and lifestyles. I've also read our Constitution, and when the other day she made a post about Libertarianism I took issue with one of her readers after he took issue with me. Unfortunately, people are not able to self-govern themselves without posing a threat to others.  Libertarianism is just another unrealistic, pie in the sky, elitist idea based upon one's own self in determining how we should be governed and it is usually embraced by good people, but it doesn't work for society as a whole.

We need laws, we need government, just at a minimum and certainly less than we have, but Republicans always attack social programs first when it comes to the budget based on their fallacious idea of self-sufficiency, and never want to mess with the military budget even though it consumes over 50% of our spending, and only the fat cats are making money off it. The same with petroleum. It's not the guy at the convenience store that's making money off the gas sold. He's not making hardly anything on gas sales. He's making his money on over priced items at a convenience. The gas is almost, if not, a loss leader. So, who is making the money? Donald Trump???

Bill Clinton liked to say it was the economy... but without the environment we don't have an economy. Unless these jokers are planning on gobbling up our planet to ruin, and then somehow escaping to a new one to destroy they haven't told us about, then it doesn't make any sense to rape our  land the way THEY do. Is there some planet THEY'VE already discovered and THEY aren't sharing with us? And, even if there is, why wouldn't we want to prolong life on this one before we race to destroy it?

I am not a global warming alarmist, but I do believe we could do a much better job of taking care of this place. That's why Bernie almost got me to vote. That, plus he exposes the expensive lifestyle of being poor where your interest rates are higher, if you can even get a loan, and everything else is too. Food deserts lead to people eating at convenience stores instead of grocery stores, which isn't just higher in price, but higher in the price on your health too.

However, on an individual level, people are just too lazy to go to the store in many cases, and they are ignorant of healthy eating habits. That's their own fault especially in this day and age of the Internet where you can learn anything besides, and not only, the latest song, or rap, but where it was once thought that religion was the opiate of the masses, today in America, entertainment is the opiate of the masses.

I just get frustrated with absolutists and both parties exemplify that characteristic. Maybe I'm naive in that I think we can do better than bullsh*t, and 'that's just the way things work'. Stacey Dash is right about that as long as bullsh*tters are in charge. So, what gives?

What really matters in the end is how you treat your neighbor, good old fashioned Bible stuff. We can pass all the secular laws we want in our secular government trying to be controlled by people of varying opinions that want to try to force their ways of thinking on others when we don't need any laws on how we should relate to one another in a brotherly, loving way. The civil rights movement... It didn't end racism. It just threw a blanket over it, and while I realize that's a broad statement and there have been tremendous strides toward more equality in the last fifty years, it's still there, and then we get a guy like Donald Trump to come in and stir that pot again like a witch and her brew.

What's more is that somehow he got Evangelical Christians to vote for him which is downright revealing that they can't tell the difference between Jesus Christ and Donald Trump... And, I consider myself to be evangelical, at least in the sense that we are to spread the good news... just not through legislation!

In other words, I hear Stacey Dash humming, but I cannot walk past her posts without saying something. I agree, I agree, I agree and then she will tow that company line, and I'm like PLEEEEAZE! If we can just get past the bullsh*t we might actually make progress. By progress, I mean we get past the bullsh*t on both sides.

Do you know, without documented evidence, and only by my own observation that BULLSH*T has to be the word most used in the jailhouse. I base this on my ten arrests in the last ten years, which were pretty much all BULLSH*T... Of course, because everyone is INNOCENT in the jailhouse... There are also two other words that make up the top three words used in the jailhouse, but I'll skip those so as not to be INFLAMMATORY as seems to be the custom of so many political people on EITHER SIDE. We lost Prince this year, but he knew all about CONTROVERSY, didn't he?

So, I'll commit to you this. I'll never post on the Stacey Dash page again because I don't think I have anything else to say. Yes, black folk need a new narrative. Yes, they need to believe there is at least a way out of public housing, which they don't in many cases. But, along with that, they need to realize they're probably not going to be the next great rapper, or athlete. Don't get me wrong that crosses racial lines  because, black or white, everybody wants to be a rock star. It is the rock star mentality of our youth that holds them back the most, and in continued disappointment under our current system of "mansion capitalism".

Much of this stems from the idea projected by our leadership. Even the Obamas are moving into a $5 million dollar mansion. Why don't our leaders live in the village? It stems also from modern American Christianity which by translation is misleading. When Jesus said there are many mansions in his father's house, the Greek word translated as "mansions" does not mean anything more than a home, or dwelling place. I don't have a problem with capitalism. It's fat pig mansion capitalism I have a problem with, and the usage of this word in translation and interpretation sets up a wrong "fat capitalist pig" image of what Christ was talking about. He's the one who turned over the tables in the temple because they were being "fat capitalist pigs".  Simply, put "mansion capitalism" sets up a false image for people to aspire toward and leaves most in disappointment when they only have an apartment to live in.  Tell that to a homeless person, ok?

This is the same kind of capitalism that would argue against any government regulations. That's HOGWASH! So, on this journey of life long learning, if that's what we take it for, I've learned a lot. Don't believe anything anybody tells you. Don't make promises you can't keep. Keep the promises you make. If you make promises, under promise and over deliver. This is quite the opposite of how our political leaders work where they over promise, or over objectify, and way under deliver.  This is the biggest problem we face as a nation.

But, this is what I was taught as a salesperson by some of the best sales training programs there are. Maybe the first one negates the rest, but I try to live by these things to this day even though I stay in a homeless shelter among people that often behave just like some of our wealthy leaders who are consumed with greed, and hardly ever keep the promises they make, and don't really seem to have any intention of doing so. Perhaps we could throw a suit and tie on one of the homeless and nominate them for president. They behave the same way. What's the difference? Just wealth, that's all; while the fact of the matter, even our poor live like kings in this country compared to the truly "poor" around the world, unless they just choose to live in squalor.

So, while Stacey Dash is adored by many, probably by even more before she started down her political path, I still "love her'"!  I just hope she stays on her lily pad, and I don't let her knock me off mine!

Such 1st World Problems!!!