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Bicycle Bracelets

Spoken For Bicycle Bracelets
The Spoken For bracelet is a patented design perfected over the last 13 years on the sands of sunny St. Thomas. Using Wheelsmith brand stainless steel bicycle spokes, Sergio designs each bracelet and hand turns it into a unique, durable piece of jewelry. Wear it when-ever, where-ever, as the 15 gauge steel band will never fade, tarnish, or break! The chosen beads are American-crafted or are imported from Africa, Central America, South American, Asia. Beads are chosen for their durability as well as their appeal. From novelty beads, to classic ceramics, from traditional African trading beads to funky mood beads, you can choose the look that you like, order it to size, and wear as a single bracelet or stacked. Spoke-n For bracelets are an affordable, fun option as your everyday jewelry.
Locally, handcrafted from re-purposed bicycle spokes by Sergio Ruano, they are nickle-free, stainless steel and won't turn your wrist green!!! They'll …

On Homosexuality

I have grown up around gay people.  From my earliest years, one particular gay man, loved my mother and would send her flowers.  My dad didn't care.  He didn't pose any threat to my father.  They told me he was gay and explained what that meant.  I thought it meant happy.  They said it does mean happy, but it also means this...

However, I have to confess, I have had some "good" gay experiences, and some not so good gay experiences.  My best gay experience came when I was about twenty years old while attending a training class for my first job after college graduating from UGA with my BS degree in Comedic Justice.  Don't bother checking the records.  They don't acknowledge me, though I still root for the DAWGS!  I've never been tailgating.  I think that might be the reason, but nobody has ever invited me to tailgate.  Otherwise, I would gladly go, but as was the case the other day when I went to the bank to tell them I wanted to make a deposit.  I told the…