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Out Of The Hood

And, still some took me in from the streets and fed me and gave me a place to rest, when my own just left me there sitting, not only for days, but for years. I don't want to give you the "victim of circumstance" routine, but there are people who are victims.

I do consider I am largely a product of my decisions, but just as one man cannot lift himself up without the aid of others, neither does one man usually fall down all on his own, unless he's drunk and can't walk.

I probably should not post this, but I'm going to anyway, because I've spent the better part of ten years in poverty. And, though I am not totally sympathetic to all of the impoverished, even having lived it, I am also not a fool especially when it comes to the black experience. It has been said, it's good to have a social safety net, but people are stuck in it. And, I would say, everybody can't be a rock star.

I call it McMansion Capitalism, to distinguish it from a b…


I have just started trying to answer that question in the last ten years. It always perplexed me. How can a bunch of church people who drive shiny new cars, and hoard all the cash hang a picture of a guy on their wall wearing a robe and a beard, while wearing suits and ties. Quite honestly, from the conservative perspective, I think it serves as a reminder for them of what they could consider to be a terrorist.

Christ threatened the establishment. He was against greed, but he was not a socialist. Just read the parable of the talents and it is clear he was a capitalist, comparing the kingdom of heaven and entry to those who manage their resources well. Two men grew their "talents", while one man buried his in the ground. The one, was dismissed for a form of irresponsibility, and really a form of hoarding, if you think about it, but on the lower side of the equation.

But, the powers that were, still are today. So, they crucified him as the governing eli…