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Obama Phone

Dear President Obama,

It is now 2016.  The next election is just a few days away, and your final term in office will conclude soon as well.  In 2008, I had a dream.  I dreamt I was in the Rose Garden having a conversation with you when you reached inside your coat pocket and gave me your cell phone telling me to call you.  I started to call you, but then I realized I had your cell phone.  So, how could I possibly call you if I had your phone?  I called the switchboard instead, and then I woke up.

I woke up in 2008 to a life on the streets of Athens, GA.  This is ironic since I never imagined myself living on the streets, homeless, unemployed and somewhat hopeless; and after growing up on the Golf course in a middle class American lifestyle.  After three years on the streets, I finally got a job in 2011 where I remained until 2014.  Then, I became homeless again after serving six months in jail.  In the time since then, I have had three different government issued phones regardless of …

Race Relations 2016

My Response to this Viewer of the 1996 Chris Rock stand-up routine titled "Chris Rock - Black People vs. Niggaz"

View the 8 Minute YouTube Video By Clicking Here!!!

Draven wrote:
Draven4 months ago Rock wasn't doing stand up. He was straight up preachin! I wrote:
You're right about that, but that's what all great comedians do. They take the truth and make it somehow acceptable. However, I defy any white comedian to say the same thing and get away alive with it. There is a double standard. In fact, I have tried to tackle this issue myself and the ironic thing about it is that I've had more intelligent discussions with black folk about it than I have with white folk. Some black folk will also distinguish between the use of the "N" word as "Nigger" v. "Nigga"... one being a term of endearment, and the other being derogatory, even within the black community. Chris Rock is using the ER ending which if a white comic did it, he&#…


Over the last ten years, I've met and gotten to know several students at UGA. Some of you have become parents since I met you in your earliest adulthood. Some of you will become parents. As such, and whichever the case may be, you might want to follow this educational development as the years progress. Arts & Sciences, to me, represent an historically neglected symbiotic relationship. In fact, much time has been spent trying to separate the two, as we also do with politics and religion. Our nation was founded on such a symbiotic relationship, and while one side aims to separate the two, the other side wants to force feed one to the other. The key is in balance, whether it is between Arts & Sciences, or Politics & Religion... one thing our earliest leaders were about was tolerance to those of varying opinions (predominantly Christian, but not necessarily) and who come not to cause physical harm from their differences. Some these days argue it is harmful to offend someo…

Colin Kaepernick

Yeah, and this is WHY (as many reasons there are to hate this country I wouldn't have wanted to be born anywhere else) I answer the question, "How are you?" with, "I'm better off than a starving Ethiopian". I said this to an Ethiopian the other day, and she said, "That's kind of offensive". She thought about it and realized it wasn't. They talk about poverty in America and the hardest thing to find at the soup kitchen is a parking space!!! Chew on that... The second hardest thing to find... a seat. The third hardest thing to find... people who are actually homeless.
They can talk about the problems in the USA, and we definitely have them. We can always do better and should maintain an attitude of "continuous improvement", but we should also count our blessings daily. So, while I have never been the greatest of patriots and respect his right to take a knee, it is also slightly hypocritical. Why not just stand there without …

Progressive, or Just Plain Rude?

Why is it the "progressives" usually use the word "enlightenment" to justify what would otherwise just be considered rude. On the other side of the coin, does Donald Trump consider himself a progressive, and enlightened? I'm pretty sure Hillary thinks  very highly of herself.

Those with manners are considered repressed and closed minded. While I surely know around here they will have you feeling guilty for every pleasure outside of sweet tea and melodrama, I never want to be considered a "progressive" when all it really tends to means is anarchy, and licentiousness, and of course TOLERANCE for what was considered aberrant behavior, and still is by many. It is a great idea like Communism, pure free market Capitalism, or any of the other extreme ideas in the world, but when coupled with reality, are unrealistic ideas, because of one simple thing. People are NOT basically good.

People might have basically good tendencies, but that is always offset with bas…

Fruit & Armor

In response to a post of the image above by someone I only recently met.  For those I've never met, then this is for you too.
Wear the armor, and bear the fruit These two things in common in the common war
The war within each one's soul
Faith and peace are the ties that bind Fruit and armor on the body of our minds... Your soul, your spirit, these inseparable terms Speak of a place that is one in the same That place from within going out to others By the outward sign of what you do and how you react This is the battle we fight every day We start with ourselves, reaching others this way There are six pieces of armor And, nine pieces of fruit This speaks to balance In the peaceful pursuit For in the preparation for war We make peace in defense Carry on young Warrior &Warrioress Your time is well spent
Ephesians 6:10-18 Galatians 5: 22-23

Mental Illness, or Malicious Intent.. Or, is it Photoshop?

A friend posted this photo on his Facebook page.  Having seen enough bullsh*t in the course of a lifetime, I had to say something and responded with this diarreah of the mouth, or more accurately of the keyboard.  However, the next time I stand up with a microphone, I'm going to have something to say about this, which will only lead me back to Jailhouse Dreams...
My response:

It is a recurring problem. From my experience, and that is only in the South, many bathrooms have toilet paper holders mounted in the most ridiculous of places so that you have to be a contortionist to reach it them. So many times I have cursed those who install these things asking myself if they are really that stupid, or did they do it on purpose.
With countless other examples of this mystery between malicious intent and mental illness, with this picture I am questioning whether this mystery exists elsewhere. If you tell me this…

Choppin' Wood Blues

In response to a very dear, and loving person I've only encountered in the past year.  It is the challenge of life not to lose the love and slip into despair.  After reading an introduction to Buddhism recently, I wrote these words.

While I believe all religion boggles the mind with all of it's mystery and illogical principles, Buddhism isn't any different.  It does have some things I appreciate, like being detached from things that bind.  To me this is akin to Christian forgiveness.  To release the grip your heart may have on either those you feel have done you wrong, or for the things you feel you have done; we call these things "sin" which is not a Buddhist concept, but releasing those holds is to be detached. 

As you will see from these lyrics, they are hardly of detachement, but after reading some quotes from Elie Wiesel about "indifference", I felt inspired to emphasize our seeming inability to release in this verse I call "Choppin' Wood…

Republicans & Democrats

The Republicans are the party of THE WAY THINGS SHOULD BE, i.e. Everyone SHOULD BE self-sufficient.
The Democrats are the party of THE WAY THINGS ARE.
Poverty has existed since before the Bible was written, or else they wouldn't have written about it.
In fact, poverty is a symptom of our capitialist system, the only realistic system of operation on the planet. The question is in how we deal with poverty, not in whether it exists.
Communism and egalitarianism is idealism. Pure, free market Capitalism (without regulation) is also idealism. Neither work on their own beliefs, though they are both wonderful ideas.
We have come to a point in our country's existence where we have achieved a balance between the two polar extremes where we have created a welfare state for those who are truly unable to provide the basic standard of living they receive at the tax payers expense. , and those who seek freedom by specific  lawz.Thir welfare state is an investment in peace. Without the …

Jailhouse Dreams Reignited

So, I've been "detained" for the past couple of weeks once again at the Plantation County Jail, a place I'm becoming very familiar with over the last few years. This time, I must confess, it was entirely my fault. Yet, it was the case, my Jailhouse Dreams were reignited. I don't know what it is about the jailhouse and my dreams, but it sure beats the hell out of watching sports, or another cop tv show.  Why is it inmates want to watch people being arrested?  

As for me, and as I've said many times before, I don't like watching sports, or porn.  Those are things I would much rather participate in.  To clarify, I don't want to participate in pornography, but sex is something I'd rather do, than watch.  Why would I want to watch other people having sex anyway?  

But, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I guess.  Millions love to watch porn, just as millions love to watch sports and as heartbreaking as the Georgia loss was to Tennessee yesterday, I…