Saturday, October 29, 2016

Obama Phone

Dear President Obama,

It is now 2016.  The next election is just a few days away, and your final term in office will conclude soon as well.  In 2008, I had a dream.  I dreamt I was in the Rose Garden having a conversation with you when you reached inside your coat pocket and gave me your cell phone telling me to call you.  I started to call you, but then I realized I had your cell phone.  So, how could I possibly call you if I had your phone?  I called the switchboard instead, and then I woke up.

I woke up in 2008 to a life on the streets of Athens, GA.  This is ironic since I never imagined myself living on the streets, homeless, unemployed and somewhat hopeless; and after growing up on the Golf course in a middle class American lifestyle.  After three years on the streets, I finally got a job in 2011 where I remained until 2014.  Then, I became homeless again after serving six months in jail.  In the time since then, I have had three different government issued phones regardless of who actually started the program, you are the one most frequently referenced in association with the program, and it was certainly during your terms in office that the program gained traction.

My time on the streets has taught me several things.  Never take for granted the things you have. They could all disappear in an instant.  So, when the free market seemed to have the cards stacked against me, I became a recipient of a government issued phone.  I have yet to find a girlfriend by having this benefit, but I did find another job, and that's what I wanted to tell you.

While the Affordable Care Act is hardly the single-payer system you aimed for in your original campaign, you are credited with it, commonly known as Obamacare.  While conservatives, of whom I was born, complain about the ACA on the surface, they are probably laughing all the way to the bank as many profit by the insurance industry.  So, the facade of disagreement does not fool me.  If they were honest, they would applaud the ACA, except that it is a mandate to buy something.  In this case, health insurance.  Thank goodness there wasn't a mandate for everyone to buy a cell phone.  If so, I might not have gotten the job I recently got.

I tell people all the time regarding different things, it's all in the way that you use it.  Like guns, guns don't kill people; people do.  Cell phones won't get you a job either, but if you use it properly one can.  Or, it could just find you your next hook up.  In my case, I went for the job.

While I am still homeless and I stay in the shelter for my third year straight, I wanted to offer my applause for the government issued cell phone program.  It's all in the way you use it.  Like guns, like alcohol, like drugs even... like social media, like your car, like life itself.  Should we mandate life?  That's impossible.  It is our gift, just like a government issued cell phone, except as human beings we are the users of tools.  In this case, the cell phone being the tool I used to secure this new job.

While I don't make the money I used to, I'm making more than I was just a short time ago, which wasn't a penny.  So, I hope this comes as a welcomed announcement.  I did not vote for you, and for that matter I didn't even vote.  I am quite skeptical of our political system, finding it mired in compromise and a high level of bullsh*t, believing often the framers actually meant, We The People who wrote these documents, instead of the masses it is framed to represent.  However, the cell phone program breathes new life into the idea that taxpayer dollars can actually lift people up, but it's in the way that we use them.

With our freedom is included the human capacity for irresponsible behavior, but at least we are given a shot with a program like this.  These days, if you don't have a cell phone, you're behind the eight ball.  If you're without a car, you're really behind the eight ball.  Do you think you could come up with a program that gives cars to the people trying to climb this modern ladder?  I doubt that very seriously, but perhaps a cell phone will get someone a job that will eventually lead to enough income to get a car for one's self.  It is a good program, and I know it is abused by recipients, but that's the risk we take in offering programs like this.  Just as food stamps are abused by being sold, cell phones can also be abused, but I just wanted you to know, "this guy" used it for what the purpose it was intended.

Lifeline might not consider me a great customer because I've never purchased additional minutes.  That's because I seldom use it unless it's something important and not for chit-chat.  Therefore, I've never run out of minutes, I don't think, except maybe once, and that was one day before getting a refreshed set of minutes.  This country still does offer opportunities and while they might go squandered by many that's not the fault of the program.  It's the fault of the recipients.

I've spent enough time in jail to know that when one does wrong the entire group is punished.  As unfair, and unjust as that may be (and it is) it is the way it works.  So, if this program does disappear, then I'm glad it was there when it was.  I really couldn't have gotten things done without it, kinda like that cell phone you lent me in that dream.  It didn't exist, and I never got through to you, but the receptionist thought it was funny!


Gabe Newman

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Bartending Plus+++

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Race Relations 2016

My Response to this Viewer of the 1996 Chris Rock stand-up routine titled "Chris Rock - Black People vs. Niggaz"

View the 8 Minute YouTube Video By Clicking Here!!!

Draven wrote:
Rock wasn't doing stand up. He was straight up preachin!
I wrote:

You're right about that, but that's what all great comedians do. They take the truth and make it somehow acceptable. However, I defy any white comedian to say the same thing and get away alive with it. There is a double standard. In fact, I have tried to tackle this issue myself and the ironic thing about it is that I've had more intelligent discussions with black folk about it than I have with white folk. Some black folk will also distinguish between the use of the "N" word as "Nigger" v. "Nigga"... one being a term of endearment, and the other being derogatory, even within the black community. Chris Rock is using the ER ending which if a white comic did it, he'd end up in the ER. I have had civil and educational conversations with black people about this, but when it comes to white people, they almost always shut the conversation down immediately, especially white women... Certainly, the use of the "N" word is inflammatory, but why can I talk to black people about it more easily than I can white people? I'm in Athens, GA where there is a significant anti-discrimination movement going on spearheaded by Knowa & Mocah Johnson. There is a bar in town that was serving a drink called the "Niggerita" that lead to a revival of anti-discrimination. Athens is a small town, larger than many, but still small as compared to Atlanta. Racism is evident, but I often like to point out it is usually more broadly Classcism. The anti-discrimination movement focuses on bars that deny access to people based upon race, but the issue is much deeper than that. I could elaborate, but I will stay on point here. Point being, I'm a white guy and that's why I really shouldn't even talk about it according to tradition, but since I recently plead guilty to being a black man in a court of law (and I kid you not), then I feel like I can at least say something... I was not raised in racist household, though as Chris Rock points out "there aren't any black people in Minnesota"... I, being from a small farm town in Illinois could relate to his statement. In fact, I never saw a black person until we moved to the South as a kid. I grew up on the Golf course, where there also were not any black people. I was what they call White Bred, but nobody in my family ever used the "N" word. I am told a family predecessor of mine was a racist journalist to whose writing I was later exposed in life. I didn't share his sentiments, though from living on the streets for the last eight years I have been exposed to an entirely different reality. Athens, GA is unique in many ways like in the way it deals with "poverty", which compared to most of the world is really lower middle class living. This is evidenced by the fact that one of the hardest things to find at the soup kitchen is a parking space, and another being homeless people. Athens is primarily white and black in terms of it's permanent population, excluding the diverse student population at the University of Georgia. White people here tend to be much more laid back than the high-strung Atlanta type, where in Atlanta life is much more frantic and filled with the hustle and bustle. Black people, in my humble opinion, are also different than black people in Atlanta with a much slower speech pattern and calm, among other things. The two descriptions aren't really that much different. At a recent Athens Anti-Discrimination rally, black speaker after black speaker reiterated the same message... "We need a new narrative". It was also mentioned more than once that Athens could be a model for the rest of the country, and it already is in many ways. While there is still room for improvement, Athens, GA is a great representation of what has happened since the days of slavery that really weren't that long ago, just a Great Grandmother, or two ago, in fact. But, again, there is still room for improvement. However, in terms of the "N" word, the only people I ever hear using it... are black! Maybe that's because of who I associate with. Or, maybe it's because I've spent a good deal of time in jail, where 90% of the jailhouse population is black. Let me retract a statement I made the other day too. Regarding the homeless shelter, I stated that the population was probably 90% white, in contrast to the jailhouse population. A quick count this morning found that to be untrue. It's was actually almost 50/50 at breakfast this morning with 13 Whites, 11 Blacks, and zero Latinos, or Asians. I'll check it again throughout the week, but for the most part these are the same faces I have seen for the past couple of years. So, to the white people out there afraid to talk about race relations, or to even hear the "N" word, you can keep sticking your heads under the sand, but until we talk about these things I don't think things will change, though they're not too terribly bad here in this small town... there is still room for improvement. Just understand one thing coming from this Cracker... I don't care what you call me, but if I ever use the "N" word, it'll be for educational purposes only and besides "Bullshit", it's still the other most common word you'll hear in the jailhouse.


Two Videos To Watch:

Athens Anti-Discrimantion Movement

If We So Choose, Athens, GA Desegregation Documentary


Over the last ten years, I've met and gotten to know several students at UGA. Some of you have become parents since I met you in your earliest adulthood. Some of you will become parents. As such, and whichever the case may be, you might want to follow this educational development as the years progress.
Arts & Sciences, to me, represent an historically neglected symbiotic relationship. In fact, much time has been spent trying to separate the two, as we also do with politics and religion.
Our nation was founded on such a symbiotic relationship, and while one side aims to separate the two, the other side wants to force feed one to the other. The key is in balance, whether it is between Arts & Sciences, or Politics & Religion... one thing our earliest leaders were about was tolerance to those of varying opinions (predominantly Christian, but not necessarily) and who come not to cause physical harm from their differences.
Some these days argue it is harmful to offend someone else. This is a perversion of the first amendment, but in the end, it's not what you say, but how you say it. So, the best we can do is mind our manners.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Colin Kaepernick

Yeah, and this is WHY (as many reasons there are to hate this country I wouldn't have wanted to be born anywhere else) I answer the question, "How are you?" with, "I'm better off than a starving Ethiopian". I said this to an Ethiopian the other day, and she said, "That's kind of offensive". She thought about it and realized it wasn't. They talk about poverty in America and the hardest thing to find at the soup kitchen is a parking space!!! Chew on that... The second hardest thing to find... a seat. The third hardest thing to find... people who are actually homeless.

They can talk about the problems in the USA, and we definitely have them. We can always do better and should maintain an attitude of "continuous improvement", but we should also count our blessings daily. So, while I have never been the greatest of patriots and respect his right to take a knee, it is also slightly hypocritical. Why not just stand there without reciting the words, or putting your hand over your heart. Does he want the camera on himself, or is he truly standing up, while kneeling down, for his brethren?

Besides that, he's half white and half black and born of a mother who was destitute, according to Wikipedia. So, isn't the bigger issue here overcoming adversity regardless of race? It is so absolutely true that Black Lives Matter. Furthermore, All Lives DON'T matter, until All Lives Matter, and All Lives CAN't Matter if Black Lives DON'T Matter. But, DESTITUTE people's lives matter too, and that covers all colors.

The winter shelter opened last night and I've counted it up before, just as I have in the jail house. You get opposite results in the jail house where ninety percent of inmates are black, versus the shelter where it's probably 80 to 90% white. I'll do another count in the morning to confirm. This is consistent for the past three years.

Our problems in this country are so much more complex than what they show us on TV, and I'm not not denying we have racial issues to be dealt with, but we also have CLASS issues. We don't have people lying in the dirt like this photo portrays, but we do have people who deserve better lives, whether they're in jail recurrently, or sleeping under a tree recurrently.

We don't need anymore meds, or mental disorders, and disabilities. If the system is about making money, then we need people making money, not people being made money off of without their being rewarded too. That is nothing more than modern day slavery without work in the fields and just another bunk filled with another hopeless soul being thankful for not being a starving Ethiopian. This is the USA and we can do better!!!

Juliette... please quit posting stuff that sends me off on a rant! I'm supposed to be going for my court ordered mental health evaluation and this is another distraction keeping me from obtaining the public housing I am "entitled" to for being mentallly ill!

Mahalo In response to my friend's Facebook post... "You don't have to look, but this is a thing. It is not us (America), as a whole! Please be aware, this is very disturbing. But I began simply by Googling the word "Kaepernigger" after seeing some shirts worn during the SF football game last night, and this is the first site that came up. Very scary and sad. This is not America, this is not my family, these are not my friends. I'm thankful that Everyone who surrounds me are brilliant people. This website is just a sick minority, but it is real ❤️🙏🏼 Love to all my friends!!"

Progressive, or Just Plain Rude?

Why is it the "progressives" usually use the word "enlightenment" to justify what would otherwise just be considered rude. On the other side of the coin, does Donald Trump consider himself a progressive, and enlightened? I'm pretty sure Hillary thinks  very highly of herself.

Those with manners are considered repressed and closed minded. While I surely know around here they will have you feeling guilty for every pleasure outside of sweet tea and melodrama, I never want to be considered a "progressive" when all it really tends to means is anarchy, and licentiousness, and of course TOLERANCE for what was considered aberrant behavior, and still is by many. It is a great idea like Communism, pure free market Capitalism, or any of the other extreme ideas in the world, but when coupled with reality, are unrealistic ideas, because of one simple thing. People are NOT basically good.

People might have basically good tendencies, but that is always offset with basic badness, selfishness, and the ego. We come out of the womb crying for someone to do something for us. At that time, we are unable to help ourselves and must have the help of others, and even later in life after we move past the idea of an "inherent existence" we hopefully realize we are not of ourselves and are reliant on others even in adulthood. No business person has a fortune to and of themselves. 

All business relies on others to produce and consume the products and inventions of perhaps one mind, or group of minds. All people need others, even if it is a woodsman, who relies on animals and vegetation and other products of the earth in order to survive. No one can sit and meditate himself into continued existence. Every one is reliant on others, human, or otherwise.

This particular open minded male was reliant upon the open cleavage of this woman who said, "no". Her ironic, modesty further points out the glaring rudeness of a supposed "enlightened" person.

Can we just get some people with manners up in here? If we have to deal with anymore open mindedness, we're gonna have brains scattered all over the streets. Sure, we can remove the Burkahs, and the shackles of our mind, but we can still have manners. It's really as simple as that, I don't care what color you are, or where you're from, just mind your manners, duh.

After recently reading portions of a book on the original intent of the Constitution I came to this conclusion:

If you read what they wrote in the Constitution, the DOI, and the amendments, it should be very clear that what they wanted is a system of debate. The vagueness of our most cherished documents some think to be god breathed don't even mention the name of Christ, yet some of our Framers, turned right back around in the earliest of days and declared this a Christian nation.  We've been arguing about that ever since. Mission accomplished. We live in a system of uncertainty and confusion, which is better labeled Libertarian than anything else.

If you don't like what someone is doing, unless they are causing harm, then mind your own business.  This is the lesson I have learned living in this supposed Christian nation, as a Christian who does not want to live in a theocracy, and wants Christians to admit this is not a Christian nation.  We are predominantly Christian, but this is, and never has been a Christian nation.  However, it has always been something we've argued about from inception.  If it was intended to be a Christian nation, the name of Jesus would have been mentioned in our most revered documents.  What our Founders did was set us up for eternal argument, and that's what they meant to do.  So, as I like to say, if you want things to make sense, then stop wishing for them to.  They don't.  They never will.  Be kind and gentle to others even if you disagree with them and keep the faith.  'By letting your light shine, they will see God'.  That's your job dear Christians, not the government's.

So, while some will consider the Christian to be repressed, it is the opening of the minds eye, the soul, the spirit in being able to see through the darkness.  On the other hand, as "Christians" deem others as sinners while hoarding, and living a materialistic lifestyle, and even voting for Donald Trump, it becomes evident, both sides have some sprucing up to do.

Thanks for reading! To Continue Reading "Jail House Dreams Reignited", Click Here...

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Fruit & Armor

In response to a post of the image above by someone  I only recently met.  For those I've never met, then this is for you too.

Wear the armor, and bear the fruit
These two things in common in the common war

The war within each one's soul

Faith and peace are the ties that bind
Fruit and armor on the body of our minds...
Your soul, your spirit, these inseparable terms
Speak of a place that is one in the same
That place from within going out to others
By the outward sign of what you do and how you react
This is the battle we fight every day
We start with ourselves, reaching others this way
There are six pieces of armor
And, nine pieces of fruit
This speaks to balance
In the peaceful pursuit
For in the preparation for war
We make peace in defense
Carry on young Warrior &Warrioress
Your time is well spent

Ephesians 6:10-18
Galatians 5: 22-23

Monday, October 10, 2016

Mental Illness, or Malicious Intent.. Or, is it Photoshop?

A friend posted this photo on his Facebook page.  Having seen enough bullsh*t in the course of a lifetime, I had to say something and responded with this diarreah of the mouth, or more accurately of the keyboard.  However, the next time I stand up with a microphone, I'm going to have something to say about this, which will only lead me back to Jailhouse Dreams...

My response:

It is a recurring problem. From my experience, and that is only in the South, many bathrooms have toilet paper holders mounted in the most ridiculous of places so that you have to be a contortionist to reach it them. So many times I have cursed those who install these things asking myself if they are really that stupid, or did they do it on purpose.

With countless other examples of this mystery between malicious intent and mental illness, with this picture I am questioning whether this mystery exists elsewhere. If you tell me this is in the South, I already understand. It's the Hee-Haw factor of life around here, whether it be intentional, or not. If you tell me it is elsewhere, I will have lost all hope in the limited hope I already have in humanity, especially those in positions of authority who could make the world a better place, or at least one that makes sense by putting toilet paper holders where they make sense.

If there isn't an appropriate place on the wall, has anybody ever considered one of those paper towel holders with a simple base and an upright dowel to hold the damned paper?!? They're quite portable and can be placed wherever the "sh*tter" wishes, and I'm not talking about the toilet because a toilet has about as much brains as the dip-sh*t who installed this one portrayed in your photograph.

In this case, those in the positions of authority sit upon the porcelain throne, and are kings of sh*t, often referred to as bullsh*t, but we should really consider calling it "human shi*t".

Regardless of your answer, it is abundantly clear that the people who make these decisions should at the very least be sterilized if indeed this is an issue of mental illness, rather than malicious intent. In the case that it be malicious intent, I say we just sterilize them since we can't rightfully shoot them! So, be it.

It has taken me all of my life to draw the conclusion that while none of us are perfect, approximately 80% of the population is either stupid, or pretends to be stupid. That leaves 20% of us standing around asking the question, "What the hell is wrong with you people?" It's hard to distinguish between the truly stupid, and the pretenders, but it takes up the vast majority of humanity in total. If you can't find peace in the bathroom, then where can you find it?

Mashugina & Oy Vey!

Stop the madness!!!

People for ergonomically correctly positioned toilet Paper Dispensers Unite!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Choppin' Wood Blues

In response to a very dear, and loving person I've only encountered in the past year.  It is the challenge of life not to lose the love and slip into despair.  After reading an introduction to Buddhism recently, I wrote these words.

While I believe all religion boggles the mind with all of it's mystery and illogical principles, Buddhism isn't any different.  It does have some things I appreciate, like being detached from things that bind.  To me this is akin to Christian forgiveness.  To release the grip your heart may have on either those you feel have done you wrong, or for the things you feel you have done; we call these things "sin" which is not a Buddhist concept, but releasing those holds is to be detached. 

As you will see from these lyrics, they are hardly of detachement, but after reading some quotes from Elie Wiesel about "indifference", I felt inspired to emphasize our seeming inability to release in this verse I call "Choppin' Wood Blues".

My wife done up and lef me
Wit fo' children and the dog
I said, "Don' let the screen do' hit ya"
But, you can trip right on that log

Don't care what you been up to
Just please just go away
Don't care who you been seein'
This fire is here to stay

I got the blues...
Those choppin' wood blues...
I got the blues
Those choppin' wood blues
I got the blues...
Those choppin' wood blues...
I got the blues
Those choppin' wood blues

If your neck lays there bare
When the kids have gone to sleep
I'll be out for some more choppin'
And, the dog won't say a peep

If you're gone when I get there
Good riddance anyhow
Save me a whole lotta trouble
'n disappear from here right now

I got the blues...
Those choppin' wood blues...
I got the blues
Those choppin' wood blues
I got the blues...
Those choppin' wood blues...
I got the blues
Those choppin' wood blues

If the po-lice should come by
Before the crack of dawn
They'll have to do some searchin'
In the bowels of the hog

If only we had more of 'em
We'd nevera named that pig
You can put some lipstick on it
But, a pig is still a pig

If we only had more of 'em
The bones would be all gone
I wouldn't tell a soul
'n that dog won't make a sound

He's such a hound...

I got the blues...
Those choppin' wood blues...
I got the blues
Those choppin' wood blues
I got the blues...
Those choppin' wood blues...
I got the blues
Those choppin' wood blues


You gotta love the BLUES?!? Let fiction be fiction, and fact be fact. I think I could sing this one from the top of a stack of firewood! They say the opposite of love is indifference, not hate. So, what is hate the opposite of?

On a quick web search, it says the same. The opposite of hate is indifference. So, does this mean love and hate are the same? It's not that they are the same, except they are both feelings. It really boils down to the opposite of everything being indifference according to Elie Wiesel...

“The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it's indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it's indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it's indifference.”

― Elie Wiesel


Whether this be accurate, or not, I'm not sure, but in the end, perhaps it will all amount to nothing, or NOTHINGNESS, the great un-attachment. Both love and hate require attachment, whether it be physical, or emotional, or both.

So, the real question is, "What are the BLUES?" Definitely attachment, but true Buddhist don't dance unless it is to mantra. This is America, and we dance... even if we have the BLUES!!!

Republicans & Democrats

The Republicans are the party of THE WAY THINGS SHOULD BE, i.e. Everyone SHOULD BE self-sufficient.

The Democrats are the party of THE WAY THINGS ARE.

Poverty has existed since before the Bible was written, or else they wouldn't have written about it.

In fact, poverty is a symptom of our capitialist system, the only realistic system of operation on the planet. The question is in how we deal with poverty, not in whether it exists.

Communism and egalitarianism is idealism. Pure, free market Capitalism (without regulation) is also idealism. Neither work on their own beliefs, though they are both wonderful ideas.

We have come to a point in our country's existence where we have achieved a balance between the two polar extremes where we have created a welfare state for those who are truly unable to provide the basic standard of living they receive at the tax payers expense. , and those who seek freedom by specific  lawz.Thir welfare state is an investment in peace. Without the welfare state and held only to the false belief of self isufficiency for all, we would have even more chaos than we already have. So, when Liberals argue for more lawz, that goes against the raw idea of freedom, which has no lawz.

With as much trash is on the ground, often times thrown down by those on the bottom rungs of society, the least we should require of every welfare recipient is regular community serivce if not for anything else than picking up trash on the roadside. The same should be true for every inmate of the system. Work is essential to health. Instead, we have an entire group of people sitting around waiting for the next check.

In this way, at least work would be required which would then make it more like the Socialism the conservatives complain about when they complain about welfare, which is not the same thing as a work based system like Socialism/Communism.  Yet, that's what they call it and complain about when what they are really complaining about is income redistribution, and welfare.

This is what we talked about at breakfast this morning at the soup kitchen.  The lady that runs it, asked me how my week was.  I said, "Well, at least I didn't get locked up!"  She said, "And, that's a good thing, right?"  I said, "That's a good question."

I continued in my thought as I left the soup kitchen and walked to the public library, also paid for at the tax payers expense, and about thirty-minutes away on foot.  In the jail house, the toilet is ten feet away, as opposed to being a mile away.  On the downside, because of the diet they feed you in jail, you can't use the toilet because you are overfed on soy proteing and are horribly constipated, some going weeks without a bowel movement, and when you do it is painful.  The diet also causes other health complications over time.

In the jail house, the shower is also just ten feet away, but the water is so harsh, if you use it too much your skin begins to dry out excessively to the point where it is flaking off your face, your legs and over every inch of your body within just a couple of weeks.  Imagine what is doing internally.  In fact, the symptoms are probably from an internal problem of dehydration.  You cannot drink enough water in the jail house to quench your thirst.

In the jail house, you get a bunk with a mattress pad, as opposed to sleeping on hard ground unless you have an elaborate camp site in a secluded area, where you must shit like a bear in the woods, and bathe in a polluted creek, so they say.  Personally, I improvise and stay out of the woods, but it's a trade off in levels of comfort.

In the jail house, you can expand your mind, or at least exercise it by reading books. You can do that on the outside too, but you spend so much time walking around trying to stay fed and clean, that your leisure time is limited and reading becomes something you do when you can, usually in the latter part of the day after feeding and washing is complete.
I remember my first experience working with a start up .com. We had 5 different databases of information without a common key between them all. So, when building the website, and functioning on a daily basis, we had to consult multiple information sources in order to get anything done. My repeated question was, "Why don't we have one source of information?"

Someone from IT explained it to me one day, about the common key. Through the advancement of technology, and a change in suppliers along the way, new systems unrelated to the old systems were purchased and implemented. This created a disjointed environment many companies still struggle with today, I'm sure. Pure stupid, and a run around. Donald Trump is the president, and he acts just like my capital X... B word.

What China is doing with We Chat makes a lot of sense, but it does pose the threat of Big Brother, which I don't think they really care about like we do. AOL was of the same mindset at the infancy of the Internet. Their whole purpose in creating a user experience on the Internet was to keep you on AOL. This required "stickiness" as it is called, which is basically all the reasons you have to "stick" around on the AOL site, or any site for that matter. That's why you could find, or do almost anything on AOL, which is why THEY seek to eliminate net neutrality.

The problem is it boxes people in to a domain, or kingdom, if you will. This is contrary to the natural, "free flow" of the Internet. Why would you want to get all of your opinions from one source, like AOL... or We Chat, or FAKES Newz? People volunteer for the FAKES. THEYRE just trying to force you to FAKES NEWZ.

In the beginning, there was only one Yellow Pages directory, and then there was more than one just before the advent of the Internet, which is really just a giant Yellow Pages pulling information from a vast number of sources so you can formulate an educated opinion outside of being force fed what one source offers. I will always side with "free flow", over "one source". 

After all, it is the Bible that says, "Come let us reason together" speaking of GOD and the creation. People argue over monotheism, and polytheism, but the plurality of GOD is evident from the opening chapters however it breaks down, or adds up.  But, more people have read the Yellow Pages than have read the Bible. Only these dayz, kidz don't even know what the Yellow Pages WERE.

On a human level, we have what I like to call the Me-We principle, where the individual is reliant upon the group for survival. No man is an island, or "inherently exists" without others. Certainly, we are all individuals, but in a consumer driven society, multiple sources of information are preferred in order to drive educated consumerism v. zombie consumerism.

The suppliers of goods tend to prefer zombie consumerism, but what about the customer, the individual customer? In the end, you see, the Me and the We are inseparable, yet we continue to try to force one side over the other just like our political parties do in this country declaring one superior over the other when it actually takes both points of view to make things work. YES, everyone SHOULD be self-sufficient. Also, YES, impoverished people have been around as long as that belief in self-sufficiency.

Conservatives, and Republicans tend to be the party of the way things SHOULD BE. The Democrats are the party of the way things ARE and try to deal with things accordingly. If we only had Republicans to run things we'd have a lot more people in the streets. Or, a slaughter.

If only Democrats existed... Well... we probably just wouldn't have Donald Trump. It's not that Democrats are all Socialists. Obviously, many are wealthy capitalists. The difference being that Democrats admit the failures of a purely capitalist society when conservatives won't. They just want to tell you the way things SHOULD BE, and TRY HARDER.

I find myself identifying more and more as a Democrat, as a realist, as the years progress; but not as a Liberal. Liberals are more of the same SHOULD BEz, just from a different world view of morals and ethics, but just as conservatives do they legislate their own brands of morality. I don't care what anyone does with their private parts as long as they keep them, let's say... PRIVATE!

WE depend on YOU (of the ME) to keep the peace, but YOU can only learn from everyone else (the WE). 

We seem to want to flip the W upside down and be the ME to the Mez, eliminating the WEz in the process. This process is unavoidable and should simply be embraced as the way of life. As I like to say, "If you want things to make sense... Stop wishing for them to". Then it all makes sense! Nothing does.

Life is a Loopty-Loo!

Enjoy your day and realize it is ours!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Jailhouse Dreams Reignited

So, I've been "detained" for the past couple of weeks once again at the Plantation County Jail, a place I'm becoming very familiar with over the last few years. This time, I must confess, it was entirely my fault. Yet, it was the case, my Jailhouse Dreams were reignited. I don't know what it is about the jailhouse and my dreams, but it sure beats the hell out of watching sports, or another cop tv show.  Why is it inmates want to watch people being arrested?  

As for me, and as I've said many times before, I don't like watching sports, or porn.  Those are things I would much rather participate in.  To clarify, I don't want to participate in pornography, but sex is something I'd rather do, than watch.  Why would I want to watch other people having sex anyway?  

But, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I guess.  Millions love to watch porn, just as millions love to watch sports and as heartbreaking as the Georgia loss was to Tennessee yesterday, I'm glad I didn't watch it.  Though I did hear the roar of the fans in the bars as I was on the street thinking it was a Georgia victory by the volume of the uproar.   I was most definitely mistaken.  Enough said, on that matter.  No decent Georgia fan wanted to see that.  In much the same way, I don't want to see other people having sex.  Sorry.  Call me a prude.  I'm just not programmed for it, I guess.

I say all that to preface the fact that I am somehow apparently programmed for one particular starlet by the name of Selena Gomez.  I am not a dirty old man.  Therefore, I report this Jailhouse Dream to you with all confidence you won't judge me a pervert, and since these are not sexual dreams I can hardly be accused of watching porn in my sleep even though if it were a sexual dream and I was a participant, then it would be sort of like watching myself, except my dreams are always in the first person, subjectively.  I've never had an objective dream of myself where I was watching me from a bird's eye view.  I'm always part of the scene, rather than an observer.  This is consistent with my distaste for watching sports and porn, I suppose.  I want to play the game, not watch it, and I especially don't want to watch myself.

So, as I am limited on time this afternoon, let me get to it.  I first arrived at the Plantation County Jail at around 11pm on Sunday night two weeks ago.  When you go to jail you typically spend the first several hours in an intake holding cell.  This means no mattress pad, freezing cold air you are told is 72 degrees while it feels more like 42 degrees.  That's Fahrenheit, of course, because I am an American, and that's the way we roll.  It feels just the same as whatever that equates to in Celsius.  So, you pretty much don't do anything but sleep.  It helps if you've been drinking since the cold concrete is less than comfortable if you are sober.  I had been.  So, I slept for several hours.

By morning, at around 11am, twelve hours after being brought in.  I was issued my prisoner's garb, once again, and then we were taken to what was a new section of the jail which happened to be a second phase of intake holding where now you do receive a mattress pad, a bunk and possibly a cell mate in a two bunk cell, unlike initial intake holding where you might have as many as 35 people in a ten by fifteen foot cell with standing room only.  

Having slept for several hours, I was hardly ready to go back to sleep and instead ended up talking with my bunk mate.  Shortly after we had been "checked in", we found the plumbing stopped working.  The toilet wouldn't flush and you couldn't get any water.  We immediately reported this to the guard who said he would take care of it, but we had already used the toilet, thankfully not for a BM, but as for those people who come from the school of thought espoused by the parents of the bride to be in the movie "Meet The Fockers", FOCK you... "If it's yellow let it mellow.  If it's brown flush it down".  Forget that!  Flush it all down!   After a while your mellow yellow doesn't smell so sweet.  Upon a second request for a remedy to the problem, the guard again said he would report it and have it taken care of...

We requested being transferred to another cell, but that request was denied.  So, we toughed it out.  Though the guard was willing to accommodate our wishes to use an outside toilet, there was already piss in the pot.  And, it began to ferment, I think.  You can only imagine, what we did not, but you might have had your own personal experience with this type of filth.  Who am I to prejudge you?

My bunk mate was only there overnight and by the next morning he was released.  As for me, it became my second full day of incarceration in this second phase of intake holding.  Upon entry, we were told we would be there for 2 or three days maximum as according to the law 72 hours is the maximum allowed.  Additionally, you are only allowed out of your cell into the "day room" area for about three hours per day.  After 48 hours in second phase intake holding, I had been locked down for 42 hours in a cell with a pot full of piss, and another guard to ask for a transfer to another cell, or for the plumbing to be fixed.  Once again, I was denied the transfer, but assured the problem would be fixed.  Once again, it was not.

Now, this is no Guantanamo Bay I'm talking about, but still it was borderline inhumane by American standards of living.  In my best estimation, the only people who live in filth in this country are those who choose to .  I don't care how poor you are.  Just look at the difference between the characters in the books "The Glass Castle" and "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" and I think you'll see what I mean.   By the third day, a new officer entered the picture and within and hour, my transfer was made as he gagged upon entering the room investigating my complaint.  That had been my fifth request in total.

Finally, my rest was made easier with a transfer and my first significant Jailhouse Dream came upon me as I slept in my new cell on the third day, a Wednesday, and what should have been the last day in secondary intake holding.  There I was walking up a sidewalk when a guy came walking my way telling me as he passed that they were smoking pot just up the way.  Who were they, I wondered as I proceeded on my walk.

It was a slight incline and as I got closer I saw a group of four people sitting next to the curb on the grass on either side of the sidewalk.  They were all wearing black and gray clothes... like the kids do... passing a joint around.  One girl was wearing a black cap backwards like the kids do...  As I got closer, there she was.   Little Miss Gomez smoking a doobie and laughing with her friends.  Tay-Tay was not there!  I sat down on the curb next to them and joined in, but I was feeling a little out of place.  So, after partaking and sticking around for a few cordial minutes, I thanked them and the proceeded on my way.  

I walked across the street now, and down a grassy embankment to what was an amphitheater.  Nobody was there, but the stage was set for what appeared to be some kind of Captain America stage play, or performance.  Suddenly, the scene changed and there she was again, Miss Gomez; only now she was wearing this plain Jane outfit of a khaki skirt and a lime green top with some sort of white short sleeved summer jacket hitting at the mid-drift.  She looked like she had just walked out of some kind of J.C. Penny commercial.  In fact, that's exactly what it was.  She was on set doing a shoot and I thought she had just had some kind of identity crisis in her choice of wardrobe which looked entirely ridiculous for her, but for mainstream America it was a perfectly fine outfit.  It just didn't look right on her.  She sat down next to me on a curb and we spoke for a minute, or two when it was time for her to go back to work.  That's when I woke up.  Work has a way of doing that to a person, even if it's the work of someone else.

It was time to eat.  I figured I would be moving into general population soon; if not today, the next day.  It was not to be today.  It would be Friday before I would enter population where you were now in an open dorm with 62 inmates, primarily from the Plantation County projects.  I get along fine with the Brothers, but every time I get arrested they look at me as if questioning why I'm there.  One guy even came up to me and said, "Hey man... You don't look like these other white folk.  What's an old man like you doing getting in trouble anyway Unq?"  I just said I really needed to do a better job of picking girlfriends.  He laughed.

It's entirely my fault in that department, but suffice it to say if, in the future, she's gotta have an hour to paint her face, I'm not interested!  Well, that is, unless she's an actress, of course.  But, a household is not equivalent to a stage in my humble opinion.  Shakespeare really screwed up the whole world when he declared "all the world's indeed a stage".  Some people just can't seem to distinguish between the stage and the streets, or between the stage and the home.

Regardless, I now had access to books and I grabbed some to read.  Reading always makes me sleepy eventually.  I had read Ethan Fromme while in intake holding, and now I was into Thunderstruck and awesome book about the development of electromagnetic energy and Guglielmo Marconi, among others including Olive Lodge and Rudolph Hertz, as well as the mild mannered, murderer of what is almost justifiable homicide, Hawley Crippen!  A great book purely for historical value.  It will certainly give you more appreciation for your cell phone as you see the development of wireless technology in it's infancy.  I couldn't put it down, but the eyes get tired and I was able to lay right down and take a nap.  So, that's what I do when I'm in jail.  

This is two days after the latest Selena sighting in my dreams.  I woke up after a couple of hours in a nap.  The buzz was going strong in the dorm full of inmates.  Subliminally,  you never know how the external noises affect your dreams, but I decided I was ready to go downstairs and watch some television.  I swear to you, as soon as my ass hit the seat in front of the tv, like magic, there she appeared on the tv screen... Selena.  Yes, I had seen the commercial before.  No, I don't recall hearing any audio as I slept, but instantly the very moment I sat down, the commercial aired.   I watched dumbfounded as she tossed her hair from side to side in a Pantene commercial!  The programming, which I don't even remember what it was, returned.  I watched whatever it was and then another commercial break.  Once again, it was the Pantene commercial.  Once again, I sat there dumbfounded and then decided I would go watch the other tv because I had enough magic for the day, and I had only just woken up.

As I made my way to the other tv set, I sat down to what was a apparently a movie.  I didn't know what it was.  So, for the next minute or two I just watched when it was clearly revealed to me it was none other than.... drum roll please... Captain America!  Suddenly, Scarlett Johannson appears on the screen which brings me full circle back to the original set of Jailhouse Dreams where Scarlett appeared to me in dream telling me I needed more time... Not knowing what she was talking about, I went to a previously scheduled court date and that's when I got the original six month sentence which led to my first set of Jailhouse Dreams!

Now, I'm really mind boggled, except for the fact, when I returned to my bunk, I just went back to sleep. I had another dream where Jamie Foxx had entered the room with a party.  It was a real throw down.  He came over to me and had an idea for me. He said, "Look man!  I want you to have sex with that girl right over there.  There's only one thing... We want to film it!"  

It was at that point, a bunch of old white guys showed up in the room and busted up the party much to my relief.  Talk about performance anxiety.  I could never be a porn star.  I can't perform like that under pressure.  Give me a room and a door.  Over the top of the room, I will post a sign that says, "The Mansion".  

Where in the Bible Jesus says, "In my father's house, there are many mansions".  I recently researched that word and without confirming my findings by posting a link the word "mansions" there is really better translated as "rooms".  We have developed this idea in America where we think everyone is supposed to be rich and have a mansion.  There isn't anything wrong with being rich.  It's all in the way that you use it, I think.  I just somehow believe, given monetary wealth, I still really wouldn't watch sports, or porn!  But thanks Jamie, just the same.

These are all dreams and I cannot speak for any celebrities in reality, but more of the same in my dream world.  And, while I don't really enjoy watching sports or porn, I must confess, I do enjoy watching this...

Pantene Is Good To You! Watch It!

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Sex Addiction