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Mexico City?

After watching this video of Mexico City, I thought... this looks like any city, any where. Why would anybody want to immigrate to the USA if it's the same old thing? Why don't almost any Americans want to move somewhere else, like droves of people from other nations seem to want to.
Then I got to thinking, in Athens, GA you can be in the country in five minutes, which is an entirely different world than the city. I imagine the same is true in Mexico, except my imagination includes more desert terrain. So, it makes sense that besides economic opportunity, our lush land is attractive, which flies in the face of businesses who don't seek to protect the environment.
I spent the night in the country last night. This morning when I left and hit the road, I found two aluminum cans and a ball cap thrown in the drive way, which reminds me of my favorite lines I think I ever wrote, Morning Sex in the Parking Deck, inspired when one morning I found a bra, a pair of panties, a…

True Love

I am strongly considering unsubscribing from all news channels and focusing only on true love.  You don't need a news channel for true love unless you're planning a proposal at a major sporting event, and I'm not planning on that.

Trump This!!!

Make America Grateful Again

He has been so often misquoted, I really didn't think he'd mind my putting a few words in his mouth.