Monday, December 5, 2016

I'm No Liberal

I'm no Liberal, but...

That's how I'm going to start off every political statement I make for the coming year.  Call it a new year's resolution I'm going ahead with.  I don't like publicizing this, because I never considered myself a chronic alcoholic, but I've drank beer almost every day of my life since my twenties except for short periods of a few months here and there.  Around 2005, I went most of a year without beer.  Seldom would you find me drunk.  Beer was, and almost always has been, a steady part of my diet.  I'd catch a nice buzz, and then basically go to sleep.  This stint has been about three months since my last beer, or drink, as alcoholics are prone to say.  I love beer.  I don't love liquor.  Therefore, "my last beer" is my choice of words.  I can't swear off beer at this point as a new year's resolution, and I fully intend to drink beer again.  I'm just taking a year off.  I never want to be known as an abstainer.  So, I will resolve to start off every political statement with "I'm no Liberal, but..." instead!

I'm no Liberal, but... as I've said before, about a month before the election I started saying I was going to vote for Dolly Parton for president.  I was sick and tired of hearing from either of our main two egotistical candidates.  In my opinion, the only difference between them in the EGO category is their politics, and Donald Trump isn't even a politician.  Plus, he until only recently, as a presidential candidate, he was a Clinton supporter.  He's just doing what the party is guiding him to do. That's really a good thing, since he's a bull in a china shop and to let him run around as a renegade without seeking counsel from experienced politicians, then the wall might have already been built and Mexican immigrants would have already dug a tunnel underneath it...

But, the Dolly thing I've been harping about for the last couple of months has a chain of coincidence around it that has continued to develop.  To read it first, click the link below:

Dolly 2020!!! When We See Clearly

Otherwise, a recap is provided in the following passages...

I've always been one to notice what people call coincidence.  Yet, when there is so much strange coincidence, it's hard to call it coincidence.  I've already told people about this chain of "coincidents" and I've posted some of them online.  I even started using the word "coincident", thereby creating a new word since the dictionary I used doesn't include it as a word.  Thankfully, an English major friend of mine told me she makes words up all the time.  I do to.  I know other people probably already use the word "coincident" because it makes sense.  It's one incident that occurs at the same time as another, or in this case maybe not at the same time, but years later, and obnoxiously relevant.  So, if you've already heard about this, forgive me.  I just want to tie the knot in what has transpired from the month before the election to what is now nearly a month after, just three days shy at the time of this posting.  Then, we'll talk about the years...

A co-worker of mine named Colin, recently started working at the Classic Center in Athens, GA in the parking department.  I told him about Dolly Parton and how I was joking about her running for president in 2020.  I told him about the New York Times interview where she was asked who she was going to vote for, when she said she tried not to get political, but that if she did she might as well run for president herself... after all, she said that she had the hair for it (it's big enough) and that they could always use more BOOBS!  I told him how the Hillary people tried to take that as an endorsement and how Dolly quickly Tweeted it was not, reminding them all she said was we could use more BOOBS... I told him about the honorary degree she received from Carson-Newman University for work in creating the Imagination Library that now sends out a million books a month to children here in the USA and abroad...  I told him about the guy at breakfast that morning who had told me about this Imagination Library I had never heard of before... I told him that upon receiving her degree, he said she responded that it was great and that now they could call her Dr. Double D!!!  I told him all of this as I stopped by the Classic Center one night on the way to the bus station which is adjoined to the Classic Center...  And, he was there when I completed my story about Dolly Parton when a girl participating in the Miss Sorority Row contest began singing Jolene, one of Dolly Parton's greatest hits ever!  Thankfully, there are still some people out there willing to listen to street people, and Jolene!

Colin had previously told me his parents were country music fans.  So, when what seemed like just another strange coincident occurring in this string of coincidence happened, I asked him if he knew the song the girl on stage began singing just as I had finished telling him all those things mentioned above.  He said he did, but he didn't know who sang it.  I said, "Colin!  Dolly Parton sings that song!"  He said, "That's weird".  I agreed, and then I left in amazement for this, just another strange "coincident", a word that doesn't exist.  Therefore, it must be my imagination.

Five minutes later, I checked into to Facebook where lo' and behold at the top of my timeline was an article about Dolly's Imagination Library!  I couldn't believe it, but I just accepted it as another strange "coincident", just another one, again, once more...

It was a week or two before I saw Colin again.  I told him about this and again, he said, "That's weird".  Once again, I agreed, but took in stride and said to him, "But, that's not all..."

I continued, as I was leaving the Classic Center, I came across two girls, young women who were leaving the Miss Sorority Row contest.  I asked them who had won.  They didn't know her name, but both of them said, "She's a KD, or Kappa Delta.

Now, I have had the opportunity to meet a few KD's in my time in Athens.  The ones I have met make excellent bartenders, and have served me a few beers over the years!  Thank you to the KD's I have had the pleasure of meeting.  You know I love beer, and you're pretty great too, and I should know because I know a lot of bartenders, I'm telling you!~

But, I digress from the story at hand.  It was the final game of the season this year, just a couple of weeks ago, when Georgia Tech came to town and beat us at home.  Go DAWGS!!!  Nobody expected a National Championship this year, but you're always supposed to beat Tech, even though that's not the case, as we all know.  I didn't even get to watch the game as I was actually working, but I arrived with just thirty seconds remaining to find Georgia Tech going into the end zone to take the lead!  It was controversial, and I never saw the replay clearly enough, but that was that, and it was game over.

Suddenly, a face I recognized from the tv screen appeared on the sidelines interviewing the GA Tech coach.  I couldn't hear a word she was saying because I was in a bar and as soon as the game is over in a bar, the music is immediately turned back on as they often tend to do during commercial breaks even if it's just for a couple of minutes.  People hate commercials, and apparently bartenders hate them so much they turn them off for the two minute break too.  This is a common trait among several bars I have been in during game time.  Bartenders hate commercials!

The face I recognized, but the voice I could not hear belonged to the ESPN reporter Olivia Harlan, who I've seen many times on television for the last few years.  I get all my news feeds via Facebook.  People have laughed at me when I tell them that.  Apparently, they don't get it and think I'm joking, but you can subscribe to any news source you want to on Facebook, even Fake News sources, which since all of it seem biased to me, it's all fake.  So, I don't really understand all the controversy over Fake News, which brings me to this point...

For the life of me, I can't find a single reference to Miss Sorority Row UGA 2016.  All I have is what two attendees told me, "She's a KD".  Is this true?  I still don't know. So, at the time of this posting let it be known that I cannot confirm this as fact, but it doesn't really matter, because do you know who is a KD?  Olivia Harlan is a KD, the ESPN reporter I just mentioned is a KD!  Can you believe that?  Another "strange coincident", right?

I was going to follow her on Facebook.  No, this is not Cyber Stalking as you might immediately think because of your trashy minds.  I get all my news feeds through Facebook, although the one I follow the most is Comedy Central because comedians speak the truth better than any news reporter on the television, though CC tends to be from the left and always slapping the right, I appreciate the semi-objective point of view.  They will usually slap the right, and I realize they are basically an instrument of the left, but since I am non-partisan, and I like to laugh, I tend to watch Comedy Central.  There is plenty to be made fun of on the right anyway.  It's just that there is an equal amount on the left to be made fun of.  If I had a comedy station, I'd slap both of 'em!

Well, while searching out Olivia Harlan and finding out she was a KD, I also found out she attended UGA.  That's even weirder, right Colin?  Just another strange "coincident", I assure you.

If that's not enough, I went to her Facebook page and attempted to FOLLOW her.  Again, I promise you this is not Cyber Stalking, as you may be quick to think.  I'm not denying she's an attractive young woman.  This is not uncommon for KDs.  So, it really came as no surprise that she was a KD.  But, after trying to FOLLOW her, I found there wasn't a FOLLOW button on her page.  This is also not totally uncommon among public figures being that Facebook started without fan pages and many public figures had the same Friend Request option everybody else did.  So, I tried to send her a Friend Request.  For some unknown reason, this crapped out and when I selected the FR option, the system told me the request could not be processed at that time.

Being the BLAHGGER I am, I decided to send her an email to tell her what had happened with all the Dolly stuff.  Coincidentally, I never met a KD that wasn't a Doll, so why not?  I did just that, explaining everything I have just explained to you here, except for this last little bit.

I have yet to confirm the identity of Miss Sorority Row 2016 at UGA, but I did get a reply from them just minutes ago after returning from lunch and to finish this post.  The answer to my question as to who Miss Sorority Row is this year was answered with... "It was".  That's it!  "It was".

Regardless of the name of Miss Sorority Row UGA 2016, I'm assuming from the answer I got that she is indeed a KD, but what does "it was" mean?  It doesn't really matter. I can still complete this post.  Olivia Harlan has yet to reply to my email either, but public figures stay busy and that doesn't really matter either.  I did my part by informing her of what's happening.  The key to all of this is the string of coincidence.  And, that I can sum up with this...

In 2004, I took a selfie.  That selfie, though it is digitally enhanced is one I've always liked.  You could never recognize me from it if you were walking down the street and you walked right passed me, IF we've never met and I have several Facebook friends I've never met.  Olivia Harlan is not one of them.  She's also not my Facebook friend.  But, if my memory serves me correctly, we have met.  It was before she was an ESPN reporter, and not only that, but she served me a beer!  Yes, if I'm not mistaken, she was also a bartender!  Like I said, I know a lot of them (bartenders that is) and though I don't know her, I'm pretty sure that was her.  All I know is she worked at the same place the other KD bartenders worked, and her name was Olivia.  I did not make that judgement on just my memory.  Once I finished sending the email, I again returned to her home page to find that we have some mutual friends... those being KDs...

I could be mistaken, but once again, it DOES NOT matter since the last couple of points I want to make are these.  Number 1, is that I am wearing a pair of glasses in the selfie photo I took 12 years ago.  They were my favorite glasses with yellow lenses.  This is the same photo I have been using for a couple of months now as my profile picture since about the time I started saying I was voting for Dolly Parton.  What's interesting about those glasses is, according to the story, they were made for bikers.  They have the shape of a pair of Wayfarers, but smaller and intentionally so they will fit underneath a bikers helmet, for those that wear helmets.  Other than that, they come in an assortment of colors and are supposedly the same glasses the band ZZ Top sang of in the song Cheap Sunglasses... so the story goes!  The name brand of those sunglasses is... KD's.  Miss Sorority Row 2016 at UGA is a KD!  Or, at least that's the way the story goes!  All these strange "coincidents" in this string of coincidence, yeesh!

Finally, and secondly, it was also around that same time, twelve years ago, I had the first of what have become many dreams about celebrities.  My very first celebrity dream was of none other than... Dolly Parton.  I remember it well.  She only said a few words and I woke up from it thinking to myself, what in the world is she talking about.  All she said, with all of the Tennessee twang she is known for is, "You've got to stop beaming the same signal boy!"  One thing is for sure, this is all NEW to me!  It's just that twelve years ago, I thought I was losing my mind, and today I don't.  Mahalo

Well, I've applied to start an Imagination Library program in Athens, Ga with Dolly's organization.  I just heard back from them too.  I have not heard back from Olivia Harlan either, but I never expected to.  So, that's okay.  But, I have heard back from the Miss Sorority Row people and while Im not sure if I've gotten the answer to my question, the only other thing I have to say at this point is, as "it was",  I'm No Liberal, but...

Dolly 2020!!!

When We See Clearly

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