Friday, November 18, 2016

1st World Problems

My time on the streets of Athens, GA has given me the chance to process a lot of information.  My conclusions come without bias and foundation, and are based upon experience.  The loss of regular media coverage over the last ten years has afforded me an objective point of view.  Though, my objectivity is still limited in that it is a contained experience from just Athens, GA. I will confess that to you up front.  So, my views on "street life" may be different than my conclusions, or the conclusions of those who live on the streets of big cities.  However, I have "walked" the streets of Atlanta, San Francisco, and New York in a completely different role, wearing much nicer clothing and have met street people from those places as well, just in a much more limited capacity.  In other words, I never slept on the streets of those places, or, for that matter in the dust of Ethiopian poverty...

But, it was one Sunday morning I was "walking" the streets of Athens when I came upon this bar that was holding church services.  I've shared this before, but it was spurred on again this morning with the weather turning cold and the challenges of that time, especially for street people.  Regardless of your station in life, and where ever you are... in a small town, or the big city, generally speaking we suffer from first world problems.  It was at this church in the bar, someone spoke that morning complaining about one such 1st World Problem, when she couldn't get a signal for her cell phone.  A friend of hers had to make her realize it, but she did and she shared the fact with the rest of the attendees.

So, this morning after repeating the idea to someone else when something happened, I decided to make a list of other 1st World Problems.  Please share your other ideas too because this is by no means an exhaustive list, just a few I scratched down last night and this morning. 

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you find a seat for the 5 Bar in Athens, GA for the annual Thanksgiving Feast, open to the community!  It is truly a 1st World Problem!

Other 1st World Problems:

1.  Not only is it a major 1st World Problem when you can't get a signal for your cell phone, what is additionally, and equally frustrating is when your cell phone battery dies!!!  This is such a 1st World Problem that people in the third world would think we are from another planet if they witnessed us being upset by this "problem" of a dead cell phone battery!  A dead battery on a car is one thing, but these days, if you can't call AAA too, then you're up the old creek... which is to rely on someone passing by, the old school way of dealing with a dead battery on your car.  These days people are so filled with fear and paranoia, many would just sit there and sulk before asking a "stranger" for help... another 1st World Problem.

2.  Number two, and these aren't in any particular order, but it is especially frustrating when you open your refrigerator and you're out of ketchup!!!  I actually hate ketchup, so that doesn't count for me, but it could be any condiment, whatever it is you're looking for... mustard, or mayo, or the most disappointing thing of all is when there isn't any food!  This is not a problem for street people because they don't have refrigerators, but it is a problem for many who are either out of food stamps, or just don't really plan ahead.  Once again, running out of ketchup doesn't count for me because not only do I hate ketchup, I, being a street person, do not have a refrigerator!  Yet, I do carry condiments with me in just in case.  It's not like being prepared for sex, but eating is the next best thing to sex!  Well, taking a good whiz when you really gotta go is in there somewhere, but I'm not trying to start a debate...

3.  Diet Bagels are definitely a 1st World Problem, especially when you're served diet bagels at the soup kitchen where there are a lot of obese people, but you, yourself don't need to lose any more weight..  It's just that there aren't really that many homeless people at the soup kitchen.  If there were, we'd get seconds every day and probably gain some weight.  So, it's a little frustrating for a real "street person" to be served diet bagels for breakfast when it's all most street people can do to keep their pants pulled up.  Diet bagels have just 110 calories per serving, versus the 300+ calories for a regular bagel.  You know we have real 1st World Problems when the market dictates there is a "need" for diet bagels.  Perhaps, the target market for these bagels are people who live sedentary lifestyles.  If so, couldn't we recommend they exercise so that the homeless people don't feel like they're being told to lose some weight?

4. While were talking about the soup kitchen, and as I've mentioned before, there's a real 1st World Problem with the fact that there just aren't enough parking spaces at the soup kitchen.  Once again, the homeless people are befuddled by this problem.  One day, one regular attendee who is grossly obese left his car running in the parking lot for breakfast.  Someone reported it, but he said not to worry about it.  It wasn't really a matter of being a glutton for oil that was plaguing this guy.  His car battery needed to charge, and that, as I said before, is another 1st World Problem.

5.  Watered down coffee at the shelter is also a 1st World Problem, but that happened once just because the guy that made the coffee is a dumbass and doesn't know how to make coffee!  That's all I have to say about that.

6.  Traffic is definitely a 1st World Problem, but who wants to talk about that either?

7.  Missing the bus is another 1st World Problem.  They don't have buses to take you places in third world countries.  Why would they when they just leave you lying around in the dirt all day hoping you'll get a bowl of rice to eat at some point?  But, missing the bus is a real 1st World Problem and especially in Athens, GA where it's almost always faster to walk to your destination than it is to wait on the next bus.  I've done this a million times and I can see if you're older, or disabled in some way why you'd want to take the bus, but these people who miss the bus will call in late and wait on the next one before exerting themselves too much.  And, then they demand Sunday bus service, when nobody rides the bus anyway, but we pass laws and make policies to accommodate these squeaky wheels... pardon the pun!

8.  This brings up another 1st World Problem where rules don't make any sense.  Someone passes legislation in the "interest" of the community to solve a problem that doesn't even really exist!  Americans, especially our politicians, are really good at that, on both sides of the aisle.  At least it's the Republicans who "create" problems in order to provide solutions.  Liberals just imagine the problems and still "create" solutions... at the tax payers expense, or in the case of the Affordable Care Act, in the form of insurance premiums people can't afford!  This is a big 1st World American Problem since the whole aim of "Obamacare" was to establish universal, or socialized health care for all and instead all we got was another bill to pay!

9.  Back to the coffee, since coffee has become a staple part of my diet of late.  I haven't been drinking alcohol, and the weather has turned cold which have both led to an increase in coffee consumption.  It's another 1st World Problem when you go to a homeless resource center and they DO have coffee, but not creamer.  For some that's not a problem.  They like it black anyway.  But, for me, I prefer a little cream in my coffee.  So, I will sometimes buy my own creamer, like condiments and carry it with me.  However, my bag was getting fuller and I had to stash the creamer somewhere a couple of weeks ago.  That was another 1st World Problem when I couldn't find my personal creamer stash.  The good news is yesterday, I found it.  I don't leave it out in public because after donating 3lbs of coffee to one homeless resource and only getting about two cups out of every pound, I decided I would keep the creamer for myself.  People love them some free stuff and gobble it up Thanksgiving Dinner.

10.  I've learned a lot about human nature in my time on the streets.  I am once again employed, but I'm still staying at the shelter.  That's another 1st World Problem where working people still can't afford a place to live.  There are only a few people who have jobs that stay at the shelter, but something isn't adding up.  Maybe it's the math as a guy reminded me that our math breaks down by the example of a word problem where three guys check into a hotel and pay $30 for a hotel room they were sharing for the night. Later, the manager tells the bell hop to take them five bucks for change as he had over charged them.  The bell hop goes to the room and gives each man $1 back, pocketing two bucks for himself since the bastards didn't tip him on the first trip.  So, if he gives $1 back to each man that means, in their minds, they only paid $27 for the room, or nine dollars each.  Add, the two bucks in the bell hop pocketed and you get a total of $29.  Where's the missing dollar?  This is a real 1st World Problem!!!

11.  What about when your earphones get pulled out of your ears because they get caught on something.  That is one of the most frustrating 1st World Problems of all, isn't it?  Arghhhh!  And, then I have to remember to stay on my lily pad, because it truly is a major 1st World Problem, and it just happened as I'm writing this post!!!

12.  When light bulbs blow out, that is definitely a 1st World Problem.  But, the kicker in it with my experience is that they always seem to blow, right when you need them the most.  It's the same thing with computers.  Right when you're trying to do something you think is important, they crap out on you!  This is really two 1st World Problems in one, because the computer always craps out when the power goes out!  Excluding any typographical errors, the typing and publishing of this less than exhaustive list of 1st World Problems has been a pleasant and coping experience, other than my earplugs just getting pulled out because I caught them on the corner of the desk.  Writing this has helped met to stay on the my lily pad and I hope it does the same for you.  Because, even if it is a figurative goal, to stay on the lily pad, that is the very first of 1st World Problems.  Not so much in the problems we encounter, but in the way we react.  Mahalo

13.  Most frustrating for me, for many years, was a recurring problem I had of kicking the bathroom scale almost every single morning.  I would move it, and somebody else would move it back and I would kick it again with my bear toe the very next morning.  Another major 1st World Problem I remedied by getting rid of the problem.  I lost about 110 lbs after that, almost immediately, but that's because my girlfriend weighed 110 lbs!  She was the real problem.  I kept the scales.  I just put them in another place as I had done many times before, and I never kicked that scale again.  We played traditional roles for a long time.  It was really silly because her heart wasn't really in it.  She kept the place up... kinda.  She even washed the clothes... again, KINDA.  She just wouldn't dry them and then they would mildew.  What was even more ridiculous was how many socks would go missing during this laundry process and since dropping 110 lbs, and I started doing my own laundry again as I always did before anyway, I've never lost another sock!

14.  Finally, one of the biggest 1st World Problems any of us face in the United States of America is VOTING!  And, while I'm sorry, my girl lost the election and she could have been the first female president of the United States, I still voted for Dolly Parton!  For an entire month before the election, I told people I was going to vote for Dolly and they just laughed.  If you haven't read another recent post I've made, then please read "Dolly 2020" which can be found by clicking through this link:

Dolly 2020!!! Click Here

15.   I know you have more you can add to the list.  Send them to me at  We'll keep the list going and every year we can look back and be thankful that we recognized them for what they are and stopped letting them anger us so much by laughing at them instead!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Dolly 2020

Jessica Caldas is one of the several distinguished UGA co-eds I have met along my path in Athens, GA. She sat at the bar in Walkers Pub & Coffee one morning, several years ago, sketching a scene forever imprinted on my mind. It only took her a very few moments and voila, there it was! An amazing talent and a concerned citizen, soul, I have been able to see her continue to make her mark on the world through Facebook.
Today, she posted this article, with the preceding words written by a Ian Tuttle of the National Review:
"Principled conservatives, especially those in leadership positions, have a political and moral duty to condemn, and to work to eradicate, the animus that is the alt-right’s raison d’ĂȘtre, and to uphold the pillars of the American project. That project is more than metaphysical abstractions; but it is also not a simple matter of blut und boden. No, Steve Bannon is not Josef Goebbels. But he has provided a forum for people who spend their days photoshopping pictures of conservatives into ovens. To conservative and liberal alike, that he has the ear of the next president of the United States (a man of no particular convictions, and loyal to no particular principles) should be a source of grave concern — and an occasion for common cause in the crucial task of the years to come: vigilance."…/steve-bannon-trump-administ…

This was my follow up response. On the surface, and superficially, it may seem sexist off the bat, but please indulge me as I'm only trying to get your attention and what a better way than this? I truly believe this is a discussion we need to consider in this day and age where science has blinded the blind faith of the faithful and people of faith embraced Donald Trump for president of the United States.

The problem with conservatism is that it denies we are all liberals in this country, compared to the Middle East, where our holy books and laws stem from. Conservatives hold on to this ideal of righteousness through the wearing of suits and ties. As far as that goes, Liberals do it too. Our entire government are people in suits and ties, presenting this image of some sort of superiority, on either side, either godly inheritance, or a more highly evolved state. Both sides think of themselves as superior. 

I am not suggesting we elect a bum for president, but I jokingly, and seriously suggest we elect someone who wears blue jeans on a daily basis if we're ever going to get a "real" person in that office. No matter which party you affiliate with, the representatives are pitchmen, or pitch-people to be more politically correct. They, are salespeople of the worst kind telling people what they want to hear in order to gain the sale, or votes, only to go and do what they are going to do.

The true salesperson does not make promises THEY cannot keep, and keeps the promises THEY do make. THEY also manage expectations by under promising and over delivering. If you can gain agreement without over committing and then over deliver, you have mastered true sales. I use the neutral THEY as I have since my youth because it makes more sense than he, or she, or going back and forth in endless communication stupidity.

With this being the most absurd election I have witnessed in my half a century on this planet filled with natural order and balance, I am never ceased to be amazed by the imbalance of people, and especially those involved in the political arena. How can the earth and the universe be so well balanced and we be so imbalanced, or is it just our leadership that is driving us crazy with false hopes and expectations?

Dear Jessica Caldas, we might not agree on all issues, but I think we probably share a core set of values, namely treating others with respect, not to cause harm, and to do what you say you're going to do. When the American public finally wakes up and realizes there aren't any solutions to our problems in a single individual, or party, then maybe real people will actually run things. We far outnumber them anyway.

I don't have a problem with a representative republic. We DO NOT, and NEVER HAVE lived in a democracy as people always tend to refer to our system. I don't have enough faith in humanity to want a pure democracy to be quite honest. Obviously, from your work, you know how people are. We're still trying to get "men", we'll call males, to stop shouting cat calls. 

Just come sit on the square of Athens, GA for a few minutes with me, and some of the male street people. If I looked at women they way they do, I'd have a permanent crick in my neck. Ironically, these same males are usually not the most sexually active and it seems to be an insecurity issue being covered by an exhibition of machismo to convey to the other males that they're not gay! It's truly adolescent.

White superiority is not much different. The most vocal proponents are often the least physically fit and even appear to be from some infected gene pool. Why is that? Why does the meter maid stop and talk to the beggars on the streets? It makes her feel superior, that's why, and she can barely speak English herself. Why do people laugh at those less fortunate? Why do we have people who enjoy watching the show Ridiculousness and laugh about the things that happen? 

People love to see other people in misery, or lower than themselves. It is called Schadenfreude disorder and it seems to permeate our society. Why did people vote for Donald Trump? Because he called out a group of people who want to feel superior about themselves when they really don't feel all that good about themselves.

So, once again, we have seen racism and xenophobia rear it's ugly head, raised by a guy who pretends to be from the streets, but was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Why would rural folk vote for another guy living in an ivory tower?My real question is why do people even vote, but I don't want to go there, except to say we don't elect kings, but promise making people who rarely keep their promises. The Affordable Care Act being a perfect example. I'm not blaming President Obama. I think he did the best job he could do, even though I did not vote for him, but to propose socialized, single payer health care, universally, only to end up with a universal health insurance premium to pay is as good an example as you can get.

Our system is set up not to give one side, or the other, too much dominance.  If only it worked that way from a male/female perspective, right? From the foundation, men who claimed a belief in Jesus Christ failed to included his name in our most cherished documents. This is and never has been a Christian nation exclusively, though many of the founders touted otherwise after writing the vague references to God. They set it up that way on purpose to encourage debate, and based upon uncertainty, because nobody has a lock on the truth. They were particularly leery of the the Catholic faith, but did not prohibit that from coming to America either. As long as someone comes in peace, not to cause harm to others they can believe as they please. That was what our founders really believed. 

Thomas Jefferson himself, was by no means an orthodox Christian, though he claimed to be a Christian, he ripped the Bible apart and pieced it together again in what is known as the Jefferson Bible. He is also the one who inspired the idea of the separation of church and state saying there should be a "wall of separation" between the two. Out of the other side of his mouth, he declared this a Christian nation, and so did judge after judge in early court cases in this new country. The confusion started from the beginning. It is the basis for everything we see now we can't make sense of and what finally led me to the personal conclusion that if you want things to make sense, stop wishing for them to. They don't.  Because, our very foundation was inconclusive, and the debate continues to this day.

Now, thank God we don't live under a theocracy, again... right? If you're a person of faith, then simply do what Jesus said of the LAW and love your God, and love your neighbor as you love yourself. If you're an atheist, then love your neighbor and keep your hands to yourself! That's why I support the 2nd amendment!! You just can't trust people! I mean, it would be like playing football without the referees. This is why I can never really be a Libertarian. 

People need referees, and government. It's just that I think it's gone way to far in getting into our lives which makes me a sort of conservative, just not of the racist, xenophobic kind. In fact, it is my belief that most people are socially libertarian and fiscally conservative, meaning live as you please as long as you don't cause harm to others and manage your money wisely. Who doesn't agree with that? It's just that conservatism has worn the religious cloak for a long time and if they were really dressed properly according to their "beliefs", they'd be wearing robes; either that, or plumb naked and living in the garden of Eden.

We need a new party Jessica, the Great American Party, where people of all kinds come together with respect for one another as long as you are worthy of respect. Everyone is not worthy of that, and that's a big problem I have with Liberalism. They want to paint with a very broad brush of inclusiveness. That also has limitations. But, I understand the legitimate complaints of people I disagree with in lifestyle. We don't live in a theocracy, and we don't round up our gay people and stone them to death. The church has God's law, whether it be the ten commandments or all the laws of Torah, which many mainstream Christians would do well to heed especially when it comes to the dietary laws, but again, this is NOT a theocracy and never was. 

So, if we're not going to execute homosexuals then they should at least be treated fairly. On the other hand, homosexuals don't need to be waving it in the faces of the public. When is the last time you saw a bunch of heterosexuals marching down the street mimicking sex acts? Come off it. Some things are better left behind closed doors and what this society really needs is a course in manners on both sides.

Bottom line, that's why I'm voting for Dolly Parton in 2020! 

When We See Clearly!

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Dolly Parton was recently interviewed before the 2016 presidential election and asked who she was voting for.  She said that she hadn't made up here mind, but that if Trump and Hillary were running, she might as well run herself!  She said, her hair was right, it was big enough, and plus 'they could use more BOOBS!'

She is also the founder of the Imagination Library, and received an honorary doctorate degree from Carson-Newman University for her work in promoting literacy.  Through this program, the Imagination Library, a million books a month are distributed to children throughout the world.  There is even a scholarship fund that aids children to attend college.  It is said, that upon receiving her honorary degree, Dolly said, "Now, they can call me Dr. Doube D", and this is no joke!

Let's Move Forward to 2020, When We See Clearly

Dolly 2020!!!


Monday, November 7, 2016

How's Life? LOL

Someone I haven't spoken to since I was in High School had a birthday the other day, so I said "Happy Birthday".  Thank you Facebook!  I used to spend every morning in home room sitting near her, and I think she said the same thing every morning she said in response to this happy birthday wish which was, "Hey Gabe!", except she didn't follow it up with, "How's life LOL?"  Today, she did, many moons later.  And, you just never know what gets me to start clicking on the keyboard, but this is what I wrote and I thought I'd share it with you.  Though most of you never say anything after I post something, you keep reading.  So, I keep posting.  So, keep reading.... Please, and thank you.

I am not a black man, but I am in touch with my black side, and my feminine side, and my masculine side, my intellectual side, my retarded, moronic side, and my left side and my right side especially after sleeping on the ground.  It kills my hips!  But lately, that has not been a problem.  I just remember how not too long ago, it was.

Go Cubs!
Golf is a noun &

Dolly Parton for President 2020... When We See Clearly!


Well... that's a loaded question, meaning very open ended! Let me keep it brief. It's 2017 and the Cubs finally won the World Series, just a few years off what was predicted by Back to the Future. This could truly be a once in a lifetime experience.

I am fortunate to have been born in Illinois and to have been able to attend my first professional Baseball game at Wrigley Field, still standing, built once in a lifetime, and perfectly par for the course.

I am also fortunate to have grown up in my youth on the Golf course, several in fact... including Kankakee Country Club, Big Canoe & Highlands Falls. That is especially significant as just today I was driving a Golf cart when I saw a cleaning towel on the ground. As I drove by to scoop it up, I was taken back to childhood when you drive by a Golf ball to scoop it up when it isn't needed to play because you're playing best ball.

I see, you posted and LOL with your comment, so I'm glad you laughed before I even responded because that means I'm playing to a receptive audience. Either that, or you could be hysterical. Or, even mocking me in some way, because the last time I went to a Baseball game, or played Golf was probably over ten years ago!!! The fact of the matter is I've spent most of my time in and out of jail for the past decade, and just recently had the pleasure of pleading guilty to being a "black man" in a court of law. 

It was a compromise, and I might be in touch with my "black side" as I told the public defender who 
WAS NOT representing me, but it's the truth. If you would like the transcript of the proceeding, I'll be glad to obtain a copy, but the discussion between me and the attorney was the best and unrecorded part!

Regardless, and in the interest of keeping this short, Life Is Good! I still don't know what that stands for, but I see that sticker all over the place, on cars, on hats, on t-shirts... I thought it had something to do with the company called LG, but someone told me I was being way to optimistic with that thought. There is a fine line between optimism and insanity, but a quick web search revealed that you can't believe everything everyone tells you. That truly would be insanity, wouldn't it? See photo attached below.

Other than that, I would only have to get into the details of things and it was such a short question that didn't require this many words already and I figure I better just quit while I'm ahead and leave it at this... or that!

Life is good, but it wasn't until I realized that Disneyland is not really a place, but a mindset. It's one of those things I've been saying for years now... "I'm from Disneyland, and these people are from the land of Hee-Haw"... You can feel like the land of Hee-Haw is inescapable, until you realize the two world's kind of overlap and while there are plenty of people out there who will try to knock you off your lily pad, it's your job to stay on it. So, if I was to re-answer your question, I'd simply say, "I'm staying on my lily pad! How's life with you?"


Thursday, November 3, 2016


While I appreciate the "mother" aspect, and the humor of that, Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump both make suckers out of voters Louis, and you're one too. The video has been removed for some reason, but Louis CK was on a talk show explaining why he supported Hillary citing the "mother" aspect as one of the reasons.

Furthermore, and only after my fifth government encounter this week, let me say this... They want us to vote for this SH*T?!?

Number one, I've been unemployed, or underemployed for most of the last eight years. So, after having my drivers license suspended for a "failure to pay my bills", and then it expiring, I went to get a state ID and PAID the fee associated with that. Fine, right?

Then, I find a job unexpectedly, a good job. It doesn't pay much, but it beats the streets. So, I decide to get my drivers license again. You can pay the reinstatement fee online, but not the renewal fee. Duh, number one.... See where I'm going already, right?

So, I get a ride to the DDS, not to be confused with your dentist. It's what used to be the DMV, Department of Motor Vehicles, but apparently somebody's brother wanted a new printing order, for forms and signage, so they changed the name...

In the meanwhile, I had also gotten my first paycheck. I paid my bills I hadn't paid, or at least a portion of them, once again ONLINE, and another chunk of this first paycheck. I used VISA, not CASH, because they won't take cash... That was easy, but keep in mind... it's the government that INVENTED the Internet!!! And, Al Gore is not the government, but he's probably voting for Hillary, like Louis CK, and I bet they both love CASH!!!

Also, in the meanwhile I was ordered by the court to have a substance abuse and mental health evaluation. So, I get a ride to this appointment, paying cash to the guy who gave me a ride, because he doesn't take VISA. He asks me how long it will take. I told him to go ahead because I didn't know and proceeded to the front door where the VISA/Mastecard emblems are proudly displayed. I check in and receive the forms to be filled out and when I try to pay, I am informed they don't take credit cards; CASH only!!!

My ride is gone. So, what do I do? I walk up to a convenience store and pay an outrageous fee to withdraw MY money that really apparently belongs to the government!!! I go back and pay the eighty-five dollars in CASH, telling the woman at the counter, "I know what you're doing. You're trying to drive me crazy before I even get here. "Nobody else takes cash, but you guys, and you have the Visa/Mastecard sticker in your window!!!"

She says, "That's right! And, then you become a CLIENT!"

She then called me Sugar, which was supposed to make me feel better, but that's kind of like when a bartender calls you Baby, or the waitress at the Waffle House... old game, missing pieces, but they still play it anyway, and again, THEY want you to VOTE for this SH*T, right?

She then hands me a stack of papers and says, "Here's the evaluation. Be sure to read every question carefully!"

I said, "You mean, I'm not going to see a doctor?"

"Not today Hun", she confirms.

So, basically, I worked two weeks and paid eighty-five dollars, plus all the other fees and fines... ONLINE, to take a multiple choice test as to whether or not I'm a drug addict, or mentally ill... And, AGAIN, they want us to VOTE for this SH*T!!!

But, that's not all... to cap it all off, I got my drivers license renewed, only to examine it when my ride dropped me off back downtown to find there was a restriction code on it indicated with a Q. Q means "NO PASSENGERS ALLOWED".

After spending ten minutes on the phone trying to get through to a human being and the looping voice prompt system which tells you to remain on the line, and then to choose an option, repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly, I finally speak to someone who tells me it was a technical error and that I had to return to the DDS, formerly known as the DMV, the department of Motor Vehicles, just another department of the government where it's EASIER to pull teeth out of a mules rear than it is to find something that isn't retarded with our government.

And, NO, they couldn't just correct it over the phone because this SH*T is all about OIL and they want you to burn as much of it as THEY can possibly get you to burn even if it's on the soles of your shoes!!!

I have concluded that once again, I WILL NOT VOTE for this SH*T and Louis CK, YOU are the ASSHOLE for VOTING FOR IT.

So, stick that in your pipe an smoke it, Sucker!!!

Dolly 2020!!!