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Locke & Key

In the last nine months, or so, I have had more lock and key experiences than I care to imagine, or remember.  Now, I have walked this planet for enough years to have been able to say with some pride I had never lost my keys, or my wallet.  The wallet is mostly explainable because I don't carry one.  So, how can you lose what you don't have?

The keys on the other hand are something I have always carried on my person, yet I still had never lost them until just this year.  It all began one night when I was closing up at the bar, and after my recent promotion at work as an Undercover Parking Violations Officer.  I'm so undercover, they don't even know I got a promotion at work, but I did gain access to a multitude of keys.  This certainly exacerbated the problem.

In order to do my job, I am constantly grabbing different keys for different reasons.  There's one key for the office door.  Another key to get into the closet inside the office, and yet another key for the …