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Trump This!!!

If you wanna change the world and you're not sure why
If you never cast a vote 'cause you don't wanna lie
If you can't trust politicians or even the priests
Then open up your eyes 'n' just say Trump This!!  Trump This!!  Trump This!!

If you ever say the N word, or any racial slur
If you've ever hoped that heaven is as white as a pearl
If you've ever made fun of someone that is brown
Then make fun of his hair 'n' say, Trump This!!  Trump This!!  Trump This!!

If you're really not for Hillary and you feel Bernie's Burn
If you want to live some place where people really learn
If you want to stop the bullshit and shovel it all away
Then tell Pokemon Go to just go AWAY &&&&&&

Trump This!!  Trump This!!
Trump This!!  Trump This!!
Trump This!!  Trump This!!

Just Trump This!!

If you've believed all your life in those stars and stripes
If you swallowed every lie as truth in delight
If you love to travel and to be somew…

Pokemon Go AWAY!!!

So, this Pokemon Go sensation, phenomenon is the first I've seen of it's kind, unless you compare it some sort of giant Easter egg hunt that happens every night now. I'm all for getting out of the house, but I've been out of the house now for years, literally! Now, I have to worry about running into one of these people, again, literally. 
I overheard one guy last night saying, "Well, it gets you out of the house, and the best part is you make new friends!" I can assure you, I AM NOT one of your new friends. The next time you run into me, or cross my path and make me wait for you to find your imaginary critters, remember we ARE NOT friends.
One particular group was sitting on some steps waiting for the next virtual projection. I was soaking wet from the day and the fact that the sprinklers had just turned on soaking me even further. Needless to say, I wasn't in a very good mood after that rude awakening. 
So, as I walked passed this part…