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Trump This!!!

If you wanna change the world and you're not sure why
If you never cast a vote 'cause you don't wanna lie
If you can't trust politicians or even the priests
Then open up your eyes 'n' just say Trump This!!  Trump This!!  Trump This!!

If you ever say the N word, or any racial slur
If you've ever hoped that heaven is as white as a pearl
If you've ever made fun of someone that is brown
Then make fun of his hair 'n' say, Trump This!!  Trump This!!  Trump This!!

If you're really not for Hillary and you feel Bernie's Burn
If you want to live some place where people really learn
If you want to stop the bullshit and shovel it all away
Then tell Pokemon Go to just go AWAY &&&&&&

Trump This!!  Trump This!!
Trump This!!  Trump This!!
Trump This!!  Trump This!!

Just Trump This!!

If you've believed all your life in those stars and stripes
If you swallowed every lie as truth in delight
If you love to travel and to be somewhat free
Consider doing something like Killing your TV

If you want things to makes sense stop wishing for them to
If you want to find happiness find it in pursuit
If you want to elect the president and have your voices heard
Kindly remove your blinders, seeeeeee &&&&&&&&&&&

Trump This!!  Trump This!!
Trump This!!  Trump This!!
Trump This!!  Trump This!!
Trump This!!  Trump This!!

Just Trump This!!


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Eureka moments frequently occur in the bathroom. Just ask our president who makes it clear on a daily basis. Though, only he thinks they're Eureka moments.

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