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I Caught Cash

Now, I'm supposed to be busy wrapping up my story called COOKIES about Plantation County and my Imaginary Girlfriend, who landed a starring role in a horror film... More on that later, but that's exactly what I was reminded to do this morning when I woke up and made my morning jaunt.  Then, I found a nickle!

I'm distracted very easily.  If I don't write down what it is I aim to do with my time, then I often forget to do what it is I aimed to do.  But, I didn't forget this time.  I just found a nickle!  If you don't know this song, then you should.  It's one of those songs from childhood, the childhood of many that are well past childhood...

It's one of those songs from the era of Sesame Street, which is really a timeless and endless era.  If it wasn't for Sesame Street, I'd hasten to say the world not be the kind of place it is where we hear of endless, and senseless wars, and yet live in what are generally peaceful, and harmonious times.  The m…