Thursday, March 10, 2016

I Caught Cash

Now, I'm supposed to be busy wrapping up my story called COOKIES about Plantation County and my Imaginary Girlfriend, who landed a starring role in a horror film... More on that later, but that's exactly what I was reminded to do this morning when I woke up and made my morning jaunt.  Then, I found a nickle!

I'm distracted very easily.  If I don't write down what it is I aim to do with my time, then I often forget to do what it is I aimed to do.  But, I didn't forget this time.  I just found a nickle!  If you don't know this song, then you should.  It's one of those songs from childhood, the childhood of many that are well past childhood...

It's one of those songs from the era of Sesame Street, which is really a timeless and endless era.  If it wasn't for Sesame Street, I'd hasten to say the world not be the kind of place it is where we hear of endless, and senseless wars, and yet live in what are generally peaceful, and harmonious times.  The media will have you afraid to walk out your front door.  Sesame Street says it's okay, even though you might run into a few grouches who live in trash cans!

I spend a lot of time on the street.  I've never actually seen anyone living in a trash can.  Though, I do see some digging through them like dogs; a phenomenon, I'll never quite understand.  You don't even see dogs digging through the trash cans here in Plantation County but, with FREEDOM comes the right to dig through trash cans for food when the soup kitchen is three blocks away serving twice a day.  Yes, that must be what freedom is all about!

In my freedom, I made my way to my favorite watering hole where I sometimes work.  Mostly, I get to hang out with people, and dogs... and laugh a lot!

So, the other night right before I was leaving, I was sitting on the sofa when the dogs came in.  After all, it is a dog friendly bar.  The usual characters include a Great Dane, named Dom, a Bullmastiff named Leroy, a gimpy mixed pup between a Pit Bull, and a Bulldog named Rom, and a young and energetic Silver Retriever named Cash!  It was just Leroy and Cash in the house that night, and the usual shenanigans began.  Cash, of course being young, likes to play.  He also likes Milk Bones, but that's another story altogether.  Let's just say, I'm beginning to think there is some kind of drug in those things because most dogs love 'em, like in an addictive kind of way...

Cash always has his Milk Bones when he enters the door.  I say Milk Bones, because it is plural, and he eats them in plurality if allowed.  After his snack, he likes to play, and if Leroy is in the house, Cash, the puppy who is growing very fast, is going to taunt Leroy into action, as he always does.  First, he does the customary butt and ball sniffing, and then he proceeds to run around nipping at Leroy until finally the BIG DOG has had enough and he turns in pursuit of the young player.  This is what happened the other night!

Cash is having his normal recess, when Leroy becomes annoyed and decides to show Cash who the boss is!  This all happened in a few short seconds, but Cash had made his last pass on Leroy, when Leroy turned to chase him off, more than to pursue him when Cash comes running around the corner into my front view when from about two yards away Leroy is about to get him and he springs into the air, leaping and landing straight in my lap.

I saw it coming.  So, I had readied myself in that split second by holding my arms open when he plopped right into them and my lap through mid air, when he began to yelp like a baby!  Leroy just stopped dead in his tracks and looked like he was saying, See there...  Now, you know who the boss is baby!!!  Cash didn't stay but a second before he retreated to his master where he laid down and whimpered for the rest of the night!  But, as I told his master after everything had settled back down, if there's one thing I can truly say about myself... personally, I caught Cash!

All I really did was find a nickle this morning, but that is cash.  Is it not?