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Hee-Haw & Ding-Dongs

I just watched the movie called The Campaign with Will Ferrell & Zach Galifianakis.  It was described as a "hilarious comedy", but it wasn't.  It was really quite serious although I can see how fans would laugh as easily amused and robotically behaved as many are. 

It was a campaign race of two Southern candidates.  One, a typical Southern douche bag more concerned with his pride than the people he represents.  The other was cast into the race as a strategic move by these arrogant jerks controlling the election, but he was the son of a former politician who happened to be that effeminate Southern male type primarily influenced by his Mama.  You know the kind.  They talk like women and act like women, but they're not gay, at least openly.  They have families and are quite often music ministers at the church.

I didn't laugh once, but I watched the whole thing.  It was so reflective of the way things really do work here in the South, although it …

The Alley

Earlier in the day, I had seen a post on Facebook by one of me and my brother's best friends growing up, Bobby which was acknowledging that it had been ten years since his mother, Ruth, had passed.  Ruth was more like a mother to me than my own mother.  I never asked, and I know Bobby was originally from Boston before he and his mom moved South after divorcing from his dad, but from the accent she was from Brooklyn.

I wanted to say something and I did by posting something on Bobby's page.  I told Bobby, "Your Mom was very influential on me and there were two things she said that would always stick with me.  Number one, we would be hanging out in the den...  Ruth would generally stay upstairs when we would come hang out.  She'd let us play the stereo, and watch tv, but on more than one occasion we would be blaring Beatles records way too loud when she would come to the top of the stairs and shout out to us with that thick accent, "Lower that!"  And that's…