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Better Than A Pink Flamingo

It has become a custom for me to answer the question, "How are you doing" with "Better than a starving Ethiopian".  But, it's time for change!  I awoke around 3am the other morning and turned on the television in my new place in the upscale ghetto, or the low end of the high-life... Which one it is, I haven't quite figured out, but I have yet to hear any gun shots.

When I looked at the screen, all I could see were birds, including a flock of pink flamingos.  Pink flamingos apparently can't fly very well.  Maybe that's because they spend a lot of time breeding, because there sure are a lot of them compared to eagles, vultures and the infamous Big Bully.  Just what kind of bird the Big Bully really is, I'm not sure.  A web search revealed only Big Bird from Sesame Street, and a search for pink flamingos yielded a Wikipedia page for a movie called the Pink Flamingos.  The movie is considered a "transgressive black comedy exploitation", wh…