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Deen On Brown

The community kitchen run by Our Daily Bread serves hundreds of meals each day at the First Baptist Church in Athens, GA.  A rough guesstimate of the audience, is about 75% black to white.  You don't see any Asians, Indians, or Latinos.  Maybe there's an occasional Latino visitor, but rarely... if ever.  Yesterday wasn't any different.  The same crowd shuffles in only this time there were sacks of food to be taken away.

As things in my own life have gotten better, they still haven't gotten to the point where I'm satisfied.  Though, I am very happy with my current living situation once I pay the rent there isn't a whole lot leftover and I tend to run out of money before the next pay day.  So, I will still visit Our Daily Bread as a supplemental food source.

I didn't examine the contents of the sack except for to remove any canned fruit and other sugary items for which I do not care.  However, it wasn't until the next morning I realized what had come in t…